10 Terrace Design Ideas – Build a Space to Relax in Your Home

It is important to have an interior or exterior space from your house that serves exclusively to relax, meditate or simply to read a good book. To achieve this, we need that space to have a proper construction and decorated accordingly.  Below are some alternatives so you can choose the styles that suit your tastes and needs. Let’s begin:

Outdoor terrace decoration
Outdoor terrace decoration – SVOYA Studio

10 terrace design ideas with original styles

In this first design above, we have achieved a cozy and relaxing space that combines exposed concrete walls with caravista bricks and rustic wood floors. The roof is made out of wooden slats covered by transparent sheets of polycarbonate. The floor where the sofas are located is about half a centimeter from the ground level, this construction detail allows to give greater privacy to the guests of this terrace that has become an oasis within the city.

Keep in mind details such as the gardens with small shrubs as well as the fireplace that perfectly complement the design.

Beautiful terrace design with low floor furniture
Beautiful terrace design with low floor furniture – Artificial lighting work SVOYA Studio

Simple design, ideal to place in a roof or garden. Is based on a square structure formed by steel tubes and fabrics. We believe that it would be possible to make the chairs more comfortable or create a platform if it is for personal use. Adding other details such as pots with shrubs around would complement the design.

Green roof gazebo on a terrace
Green roof gazebo on a terrace – avso.org

Next we can find a compact structure formed by columns and ceilings clad in walnut wood and a rustic stone fireplace, that is around a garden with shrubs; Although this design is located in a rural environment, we believe that it could perfectly be used within the city to create that warm and welcoming place that is needed after a hard day of work.

Stone fireplace on terrace
Stone fireplace on terrace – GDA Landscape

The following design emphasizes the use of brick faced with mortar -between the courses-  white color. It matches with a wooden screen used for closing as well as a wooden slat ceiling; This terrace defines a style so it would be convenient for the main construction to have some elements that are applied to the terrace.

Terrace furniture with enclosure and wooden ceilings
Terrace furniture with enclosure and wooden ceilings – Chalet

In the following design, we can see the exterior decoration work converting what could be a simple awning in the garden in a cozy space for reading or meeting. It has used green fabrics in the form of curtains with a cover of the same color inside a structure made out of black steel tubes.

Green awning in garden
Green awning in garden – Gregg Hodson Interior Design

What if you want just to rest and listen to the murmur of the air when rubbing against the tree’s leaves while you relax or sleep? All you need is to build a hammock support structure with a virtual cover to filter the sun’s rays; We believe that this structure could also serve to place a comfortable armchair, everything depends on how you want to use the space generated.

Hammocks on deck covered by wooden slats
Hammocks on deck covered with wooden slats – Beall’s Nursery & Landscaping

A retractable awning or a pergola is always a practical solution when we want to create a space for relaxation. It is ideal to combine it with a set of armchairs made out of natural fibers for the terrace and other details to integrate it with the natural space.

Modern fiber furniture
Modern fiber furniture – glubvon.com

You do not need to be on a paradisiacal island to relax when you can create an ideal space in your own home. Then a tropical style design proposal that can be easily built in your very own garden using dry trunks and branches.

Tropical terrace decoration
Tropical terrace decoration – Jenny Walker

An economical but equally effective alternative to achieve the relaxing goal. We believe that recycled materials could be used in its construction.

Deckchairs inside light structure
Deckchairs inside light structure – m.a.p. interiors inc

As usual here at HomeDedicated.com, we encourage you to create your own styles. After that, design a plan with the Planner 5D application for the best results. You can find other free tools in: 10 best applications to make house plans.

Terrace design created with a free application
Terrace design created with a free application – Planner5d  gallery

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