154+ Great Bathroom Ideas and Designs for Every Budget (Photo Gallery)

Welcome to our gallery featuring more than 100 bathroom ideas and designs.

Bathroom design ideas photos

Beautiful white bathroom with center white marble bath tub and white marble floor,two beige sinks with tow half wall mirrors. Golden chandelier and also white furniture sets.

In this comprehensive article you will find that beautiful bathrooms are more than a white tub or shower combo with a small sink and two – three storage areas.

Bathroom interior design ideas are unique regardless of style. Whether you want to fully renovate your bathroom or to simply change its appearance, add storage or maybe search for more modern bathroom accessories, in the list below you’ll find everything you need.

You will discover practical tips for setting up large or small, monochromatic or multicolored, modern, vintage or futuristic looking bathrooms.The bathroom is as important as any room, perhaps more important than other rooms. Besides the functional role, it should be a room whose decor is to be in sync with the rest of the house or even to be elegant enough as not to create a great visual impairment.

So, today we talk about bathrooms as a whole entity, not just a random sets of elements that is made of. Unfortunately, not many people have realistic options for customizing the baths, often for reasons of space. However, more than 100 concepts are available below and can be applied in any apartment or house where the main bathroom has a decent size. Personally, I find the idea of ​​transparent tub most attractive, being a new concept, relatively easy to put into practice.

After all, how many bathrooms you have seen such? Another interesting concept is that of bathtubs buried or semi-buried in the ground. Unfortunately, this option is only possible for those who sit on the ground or house, just because one requires special arrangements and extra space in floor level. Their great advantage is that there is no risk of a fall from them, as happens at regular bathtubs.


The simplest modification, which can make anyone who wants to personalize their bathroom, is the location of a colored bath tubs. However, such a fall should not be against the wall, but should be left free, just to help create desired visual effect.

Master Bathrooms with Centered Soaking Tubs

Master bathrooms with centered soaking tubs- Beautifully designed white marble with black small pieces of marble bathroom. Double sided sinks with a central oval master bathtub.

Master Bathroom Window Ideas

Master bathroom window ideas – A cozy designed room with two golden sinks and white bricks marble bathtub and shower. Also the bathroom has a small chandelier.

Luxury White Bathroom Designs

Luxury white bathroom designs – this unique set of central shower that has three sided made of glass and a white circle bathtub in contrast with the black furniture and chair.

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury bathroom designs – that has brown polished marble flooring and bathtub, a cylindrical wall made of Murano tiles glass. In the background there is a dressing room with and a white small ottoman.

Incredible Bathrooms

Incredible bathrooms designs with dark wooden furniture , two sinks, a central white bathtub with small beige tiles,. The ceiling and the walls have a blue-ish color paint.

Half Bathroom Designs

Half bathroom designs – This design is great as a guest bathroom with dark tiles on walls, two half mirrors. Also a unique white sink with a single foot.

Custom Bathrooms

Custom bathrooms that allows customization. Two black granite sinks with dark hardwood cabinets with big drawers, also in contrast with white large bathtub and a Murano styled glass window.

Blue Master Bathroom Designs

Blue master bathroom designs with small blue tiles that cover the walls, the sinks and the bathtub. In contrast with the brown mat finished hardwood flooring.

Bathrooms with Two Mirrors

Bathrooms with two mirrors with a small white bathtub, Murano glass window,and two small double mirrors with hardwood frames. Also the cabinet is made out of dark hardwood.

Bathrooms with Skylights

Superbly designed bathroom with skylights view, The half of the ceiling and the wall is made of glass with metallic frame. In addition the beige bathtub blends with the beige shower design.

Bathrooms with Large Windows

Exquisite bathrooms with large windows that let the natural light come into the room, also provides a superb view overlooking the Ocean Coast. The dark tiles flooring complements perfectly the dark wood furniture.

Bathrooms with Dark Floors

Unique contrast between the bathrooms with dark floors and the white furniture that accompanies the room. The only dark elements besides the flooring are the dark makeup chair and the chandelier insertions.

Bathrooms with Closets

Beautiful white bathrooms with walk in closets – with a multi patterned ottoman / bench where you can find an open wardrobe with all your favorite cloths.

Bathrooms White Cabinets

Bathrooms white cabinets with white furniture sets, white cabinets with white drawers, white squared tiles flooring that complements the hard granite top of the bathtub and sink.

Bathrooms Walk in Showers

Great design with bathroom walk in showers that hides the shower and has walk in and out path. Also central window allows the light to pass. One single white sink with with no frame mirror was added.

Bathrooms Square Sinks

Bathrooms square sinks with a simple design, two metal finished blue sinks that have a lot of storage space underneath in baskets.

Bathrooms Separate Showers Tubs

Modern looking bathrooms separate showers tubs that have a glass windows and a white marble half wall between them. Also this is n attic designed bathroom with a sloped ceiling.

Bathrooms Round Mirrors

Bathrooms round mirrors with metallic round frame, two tone sinks with white stone top and large storage are underneath made out of black wooden cabinets with compact drawers.

Bathrooms Pedestal Sinks

Bathrooms pedestal sinks ideas and designs. Two white pedestal sink ideas, each with it’s own mirror that was a hidden cabinet. Also a small half size wall separates them form the toilet bowl and the bathtub.

Bathrooms L Shaped Vanities

Beautifully designed bathrooms with l shaped vanities, with beige flooring design and beige tiles that make the cylindrical wall that hides the shower area.

Bathroom Floating Vanity Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Small Bathrooms Large mirrored Bathroom Cabinet Stainless Steel Laundry Sink with Cabinet

Bathroom Floating Vanity bathroom lighting ideas for small bathrooms large mirrored bathroom cabinet stainless steel laundry sink with cabinet

Bathrooms Floating Shelves

Bathrooms floating shelves with small and practical blue shelves without any hidden containers. The blue shelves are kept in place with sturdy ropes.

Bathrooms Fabulous Bathtubs

Bathrooms with fabulous bathtubs and also windows in the ceiling,that lets the natural light inside. A natural wooden color big drawer with plants.

Bathrooms Dark Cabinets

Bathrooms with dark cabinets that offers plenty of storage area with dark wood drawers. Also light beige polished marble flooring design with large counter top sinks.

Bathrooms Corner Showers

Bathrooms corner showers with large mirrors and dark wood cabinets and shelves. A large bricked shower with natural tone an d large tripe sink bathroom area.

Bathrooms Chandeliers

Bathrooms chandeliers that are added to really impress the viewer. The granite made walls with gray tiles, two large mirrors one with a golden bronze finish, the other one with a a wooden finish. Also a black bathtub with gray clawfoot.

Bathrooms Black White Wallpaper

Beautifully designed bathroom with black white wallpaper. Amazing patterned design with floral motifs. Also a chromed vase and a white toilet bowl and a white large rectangular sink.

Bathrooms Black Tile

Modern looking bathrooms black tile with a wall made out of big rectangular black tiles and the bathtub has small squared black tiles in contrast with the other wall that has small rectangular beige tiles.

Bathroom Cool Gray

Bathroom cool gray – A small and cozy bathroom with rustic elements and gray wallpaper design. Also the shower is made out of glass and has a beige brick wall.

Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas

Bathroom color scheme ideas – This particular looking bathroom has earth tone scheme with pants and dark and light green wall tiles and a counter top made out of beautifully polished green granite.

Bathroom Clawfoot Tubs

Bathroom clawfoot tubs that have a rustic design and also a white with floral patterned bathtub curtain that lets you shower in privacy and without spilling water on the dark wood flooring.

Attic Bathroom Ideas

Small but chic attic bathroom ideas with a simple design that has everything that an attic bathroom should include. The only downsize is that the sloped ceiling offers a cramped space when you are in the tub.

White Bathrooms

White bathrooms designs with white bathtub and white toilet bowl. Also whit frame widows , dark wood flooring and beige bath top with tow flower vases.

New Home Custom Luxury Bathroom Designs

New home custom luxury bathroom designs with one big arch and tow small arches, that separates the bathtub area form the rest of the bathroom.Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Modern bathroom design ideas with a shower walls made out of glass, a large wall windows that lets the natural light to enter the room and also high tech toilet bowl and bidet.

Master Bathrooms Woodwork

Master bathrooms woodwork furniture, dark and neutral looking wood cabinets with large ans small drawers, also a large single mirror and two white sinks.

Master Bathrooms with Free Standing Soaking Tubs

Master bathrooms with free standing soaking tubs with walls that have a patterned designed made out of black and beige small tiles. A small shower cabin and small windows.

Master Bath in New Construction Home with Marble Tile Tub

Master bath in new construction home with marble tile tub that has patterned design. Black furniture and a small fireplace in contrast with the light color flooring and walls.

Master Bathrooms with Double Sink Vanities

Master bathrooms with double sink vanities with a large mirror and beige shower cabin, with marble inside. A white bathtub, large windows and a white ceiling.

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