23+ Beautiful Bedrooms with Wood Floors (Pictures) -Benefits and Challenges

Bedrooms with wood floors are increasingly making the rounds in the modern home decorating industry.

luxury master bedroom with dark oak flooring and ocean views

Striking dark oak hardwood boards run all along the floor surface of this luxury master bedroom with dark oak flooring and ocean views. The oak wood flooring beautifully contrasts with the white floor tiles on the open balcony

After an unprecedented falling out of favor for about three decades, between 1950s and 1980s, hardwood surfaces are now steadily gaining common sights in every facet of the home. In fact, they are one of the top designers most sought after floor surfaces for modern home designs; thanks to their timelessness and warmth appeal.

While it is not as soft as rugs or carpets, hardwood is a welcoming surface in modern homes. Its ability to stand the test of time on durability, natural beauty, and style fronts makes this wonderful surface an incredible flooring material for any areas of the home. Whether you are considering a floor surface for your master bedroom, guest or children’s room, there is a wide range of hardwood surfaces to choose from.

This article highlights a few benefits and common challenges of this fantastic flooring surface in homes.  

Pros and Cons of Wood Flooring in Bedrooms

Allergy Relief: One of the most common challenges with carpet, rugs and other traditional soft flooring materials homes is their abilities to retain pollen, dust, and other tiny irritating particles. These particles are often released back into the room’s atmosphere each time someone walks across the flooring surface, thereby creating a hazy environment filled with invisible particles and allergens that could be very detrimental to human’s internal organs.

However, a bedroom interior with wooden flooring won’t only guarantee a solid and smooth surface, but you are sure that all particles and debris alike are washed off easily. This is a critical factor, especially in an environment where you spend hours on end breathing.

Pets: In homes with pets such as dogs, cats or other domestic pets with sharp claws, especially the very big ones, the surfaces of hardwood floors in bedroom home decorating in such homes could be subjected to scars and scratches coming from the nails of these pets.

This, on one hand, could be allayed by simply preventing the pets from the room, or rather ensuring that their nails are regularly trimmed.

On the other hand, these tiny scars and nicks are actually desirable by some homeowners. It is believed that these scratches give the wooden flooring bedroom designs a sense of personality that tends to shifts and evolves over time.

Noise: Over the years, it has been said that noise transmission is impeccably synonymous to wood floors in homes. This has been the chief concern of high–rising apartments. The tapping of shoes while walking across the floor surface, and the creaks from shifting floorboards can all be translated as thumps to those residing in the ground or below floors. This could get worst if the woods are not properly installed, resulting in plank shifts, and creak when walked across.

Notwithstanding the noise challenge, hardwood is still a widely accepted and preferred flooring surface in modern homes for its beauty, durability and affordability. Lovers of this surface option often find a way to circumvent the noise challenge by having insulating underlayment installed underneath the planks to help dampen the sound transmission. Another functional way to circumvent this horrendous challenge is to deaden the noise from above with the use of carpets and area rugs throughout the room, hence bedrooms with hardwood floors and area rugs.

Children’s Rooms: There has been a little debate about which is appropriate for children’s room, wood floors in bedrooms or carpet? Likewise, homeowners who are astute lovers of wood floors often ask the question; is wood surface the proper flooring choice for my child’s room?

By and large, hardwood is relatively a hard flooring material that could hurt if accidentally fallen on. And there is the splinters problem, especially in the case of a floor which degenerates to the state of disrepair.

However, unlike other soft flooring surfaces, wood floors are not just easy to keep clean and neat, but they are also free of particles and jams that could pose any health threat to little children. Not forgetting the uncommon fact that hardwood floors are quite softer than tiles, yet they have the capability to withstand high foot traffic in children’s bedroom, spills and pressure resulting from the wheeled toys kids push across the floor. If peradventure this surface is damaged, repair is as easy as slicing a piece of pie.

A bedroom is a place of sanctuary. It is the place to retreat, relax, and rejuvenate after a long day. Therefore, it needs to reflect personality and individual taste or choice of design. From cozy dark wood floor bedroom, to hardwood or carpet in master bedroom, no matter what your decoration preference is, you are sure to find the appropriate kind of bedrooms with wood floors that suit your taste and budget in our bedrooms with wood floors gallery below.

Bedroom with American Walnut Floors and Two Chandeliers

Many contemporary bedroom designs don’t really require fat budget to implement, and they make great impacts. In this bedroom with american walnut floors and two chandeliers, stained walnut wood flooring is a stark contrast against the bedroom sheets and white wall panels

Traditional Master Bedroom with Light Wood Floors

Overly sombre interior designs can sometimes result from the misuse of wood flooring surfaces, but the smart use of lots of white appeals and generous windows add vitality and energy to this traditional master bedroom with light wood floors

Traditional Master Bedroom with Hickory Wide Plank Flooring

The impeccable combination of the natural wood flooring and area rug gives this traditional master bedroom with hickory wide plank flooring its texture, with white tones used throughout the walls and the bedding

Traditional Master Bedroom Walnut Hardwood Floors and Golf Course Views

Instead of relying on prints or framed artwork, this traditional master bedroom walnut hardwood floors and golf course views use oversized floral plant and plenty of large windows to not only add personality, but to further enhance the golf course views

Modern Bedroom with Brazilian Cherry Wood Floors and Concrete Walls

When sweeping brazilian cherry wood floors are laid at the feet of your bed, and you have amazing concrete walls around you, you need nothing more to create a stunning enclave as seen in this modern bedroom with brazilian cherry wood floors and concrete walls

Mediterranean Style Master Bedroom Red Oak Flooring Chandelier and Balcony Views

The rich texture of the red oak hardwood floors, and the elegance of the fireplace and vintage chandelier contribute to the cozy feeling of this mediterreanean style master bedroom red oak flooring chandelier and balcony views

Master Bedroom with Warm Hardwood Floors and Sitting Room

The sweeping outside views offer by the wide windows add energy and vitality while enhancing the warmth of the hardwood floors in this master bedroom with warm hardwood floors and sitting room

Master Bedroom with Silver Wall Covering and Decor with Walnut Floors

With walls covering in silver hue, and a stylish chandelier hanging overhead, this master bedroom with silver wall covering and decor with walnut floors is airy and bright, though accented with dark walnut flooring surface

Master Bedroom with Hickory Hardwood Floors and Stone Accent Wall

Check out how the look of the stone accent wall behind the bedroom headboard in this master bedroom with hickory hardwood floors and stone accent wall adds a sense of rustic charm

Luxury Master Bedroom with Hickory Hardwood Floors Chandelier and Elegant Furniture

This luxury master bedroom with hickory hardwood floors chandelier and elegant furniture blends rusticity with luxury. The warmth and rich grainy texture of the hickory floors is a good contrast to the light grey walls

Luxury Bedroom with Maple Hardwood Floors and Sleigh Bed

This luxury bedroom with maple hardwood floors and sleigh bed matches stark white ceiling and walls with dark toned maple hardwood floors. It features a central black metallic chandelier which gives the space a slightly classic feel

Luxury Bedroom with Knotty Pine Floors and Chandelier

The knotty pine floors in this luxury bedroom with knotty pine floors and chandelier blend nicely with the persian patterned carpet, and duvet. The room derives its super eclectic feel from the low hanging chandelier, wall sconces, and lamp shades

Contemporary Master Bedroom with Tigerwood Flooring

Well known for its rich stripes and natural resistance to decay, tigerwood is a terrific flooring surface for homes. Its deep natural red color is an interesting contrast to the plain dark wood bed frame, and drawers in this contemporary master bedroom with tigerwood flooring

Contemporary Master Bedroom with Oak Wood Floors and Ceiling

With warm oak wood ceiling strips and floor planks, the ceiling of this contemporary master bedroom with oak wood floors and ceiling is a perfect reflection of the floors. The warmth and grainy texture of the wood provides an impressive contrast to the grey walls

Contemporary Master Bedroom with Dark Oak Floors and City Views

This contemporary master bedroom with dark oak floors and city views features flooring surface in dark oak planks that is complemented by the surrounding floor–to–ceiling dark framed windows. The crisp white walls and ceiling balance out the feel

Bedroom with Red Oak Floor and Four Post Bed

This bedroom with red oak floor and four post bed derives its energetic and warmth feel from the use of rich grainy red oak hardwood flooring surface paired with white walls. The oak floor slightly matches with the wood used for the four post bed

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