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Welcome to our gallery featuring more than 132 bedroom ideas and designs.

Contemporary bedrooms

Contemporary bedrooms with dark polished hardwood flooring, large king master bed, light wood wall with insertions of mirrors and a cozy but simple place with a small coffee table and tow chairs.

Looking for creative interior design ideas for bedrooms? For today I prepared a set of more than 132 ideas of modern bedrooms, simple and elegant. As you will see, some of them are small and are decorated smart, without giving the feeling of hyper-bulking, while most are large bedrooms and closets without much electronics around, just to keep the idea of ​​simplicity.

The bedrooms are present in various styles, shapes and sizes, modern or vintage. We have here a rich source of inspiration for the arrangement following sleep-modern or vintage. In articles posted in this category you will find the right one idea for every home.

The problem of living space in apartments or houses is becoming more common in urban and also rural areas. In some apartments and houses, the space is too small for the owners to dare to dream of a modern bedroom, having no choice but to place and cupboards and closets full of clothes in space where, at least in theory, should be the fewest things.

Most modern bedrooms below are simple, even minimalist. After all, the primary purpose of these rooms is to facilitate and enable the body to rest and to other stuff 😉   A cluttered bedroom can cause sleep disorders, which is why, whenever possible, we recommend placing as little space for recreation.

Do not forget the light sources. If your budget allows it, then maybe it would be better to target light sources with variable intensity. Obviously, the possibilities are endless. Depending on who sits in that bedroom, can accommodate 1 or more beds (if there are kids, then it is recommended that they be placed perpendicular, preferably along two sides congruent room, just to do not waste precious space), can accommodate fireplaces or electric them and which have multiple functions and are also showy. It can accommodate small armchairs and sofas, but personally do not agree with this solution, just the idea that they would be little used. The bedroom is intimate, so chairs and sofas just would not be the point.


Luxury Master Bedroom Designs & Ideas

Luxury master bedroom comforters and curtains with a great attention to detail. A superb king size bed with headboard and loveseat made out of three small ottoman chairs.

Master Bedrooms with Hardwood Floors

Splendid master bedrooms with hardwood floors with a polished design that reflects the light. A large queen size bed with a white loveseat near it.

Master Bedrooms with Dark Wood Floors

Cozy master bedrooms with dark wood floors, a modern patterned white and black rug near the beige master bed. Two large lamps near the bed and a ceiling fan.

Master Bedrooms with Carpet

Large master bedrooms with carpet that has a patterned print with grey and black colors representing a flower. Also a very large windows and with long light colored drapes.

Master Bedrooms Sitting Area

Large master bedrooms with sitting area that includes a sofa and chair. The room continues the the sitting are but its delimited but two large white pillars and a square arcade.

Master Bedrooms Light Wood Floors

Impressive master bedrooms with light wood floors that in tone with the light grey rug, the white ceiling and also the white furniture. There is a white loveseat that has a storage under nit.

Master Bedrooms Green Walls

Great master bedrooms green walls with earth tone color of the fabrics that covers the master bed, the chairs and the carpet. Also a light wood ceiling that has a 4 propeller fan.

Master Bedrooms Gray Walls

Nice looking design of a master bedroom with gray walls and a grey loveseat, in contrast with the beige carpet, drapes, and dark wood furniture, cabinets with storage.

Master Bedrooms Fireplaces

A modern approach to master bedrooms with fireplaces. In this photo is a stone made fireplace with white chairs, white bed cover sheets, and a colorful rug.

Master Bedrooms Blue Walls

Inspired from a Marina Bay motif, this master bedrooms with blue walls has a very worm look despite the cold blue color that covers a wall. In contrast with the white sheets and bed pillows.

Master Bedroom High Ceilings

A luxurious master bedroom with high ceiling design, a king size master bedroom with a white headboard and made out of leather. This is in perfect contrast with the bed feet that are made out of dark wood.

Master Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Beautifully designed master bedroom with accent wall, a light green floral patterned as wallpaper that cover the wall behind the master bed, that has a large headboard.

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Children magical place where they plan and sleep – kids bedroom ideas. With a soccer and basketball themed room, the kids will be full of joy and happy.

Inspired Bedrooms Top Designers

Inspired bedrooms top designers – This is a gallery that cover the best master bedroom designs and ideas worldwide. These opulent ideas will enlighten your mind in choosing the right furniture sets for your bedroom.

Custom Master Bedroom Designs

This is a custom master bedroom designs inspired from a mountain cottage with a brick fireplace in front of the master bedroom. The ceiling has wooden beans that traverse the room.

Master Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Beautiful master bedroom with high quality dark wood insertion and also a a central wooden fireplace that has a TV. Dark wood floor with white and red  carpet deign that has floral motives.The light is provided by the ceiling spots.

Chairs in Master Bedrooms

Chairs in master bedrooms design ideas. A beautiful king bed made of dark hardwood with a metallic loveseat and a red rug in a separate area. In the middle of the sitting are is a small wooden tea table for relaxation.

Bedrooms with Fabric Headboards

Natural looking bedrooms with fabric headboards light color in contrast with the dark cabinet with drawers, mirror with dark wood frame and a beige rug that covers the dark hardwood flooring.

Bedrooms with Bookshelves

Modern looking bedroom with bookshelves and sloped ceiling, the bed in a corner with a work office desk is placed in front of the large window. Also a large grey sofa with a small magazine table for relaxation.

Bedrooms with White Furniture

Modern and exquisite bedroom white furniture with a white master bed with white sheets and a double white wardrobe, the bad has also a white headboard. In contrast with the walls and floor.

Bedrooms Office Space

Bedrooms office space – this small room has a double bed pushed near the wall in order to make room for a desk with a desktop on it. Also plenty of office storage on top of the desk.

Bedrooms Without Headboards

Classic bedrooms without headboards design, that has seven pillows in different colors, a large shelve is placed over the bead head for a pleasant visual effect. Also two different color lamps.

Bedrooms French Doors

Beautifully designed bedrooms that has french doors that let the natural Sun light into the room. A superb canopy master bed with metallic frame and white curtains.

Bedrooms Flatscreen Tvs

Great bedroom flatscreen tvs ideas, where the TV is placed over a large dark wooden cabinet with eight drawers, small paintings on the wall with floral motifs.

Bedrooms Dark Furniture

Pleasant bedroom with dark furniture that has dark curtains, dark frame queen size bed and dark cabins with two beige lamps. Also two paintings and two tone walls , turquoise and light brown colors.

Bedrooms Ceiling Fans

Beautiful designed bedroom with metallic ceiling fan, a large wooden wardrobe in the background, beige wall theme, and a hardwood bed frame and cabinet with night lamp on it.

Bedrooms Canopy Beds

Great bedrooms canopy beds that is perfect for the lovers. The canopy is made out of dark hardwood and also the furniture. Also in contrast with the green bed sheets and pillows.

Bedrooms Area Rugs

Simple designs about bedrooms area rugs with modern white and gray pattern designs. Small metallic loveseat and light gray hardwood flooring. Also a reading lamp near the white chairs form the sitting area.

Bedrooms Accent Wall

Inspiring bedrooms accent wall and ceiling. A colored ceiling, dark blue wall wallpaper, blue sheets and dark blue pillows. Also a grey loveseat with an acoustic guitar on it.

Bedroom Makeover

Small bedroom makeover design with a large king size bed with multi floral cover sheets, light wood flooring and white walls.

Bedroom Designs Top Designers

Bedroom designs top designers worldwide. In this photo you can see a king size bed with a big leather headboard with dark and flooring. Also there is a sitting area with two comfortable chairs and a small coffee table.

Attic Master Bedroom Ideas

Attic master bedroom ideas – A truly unique design with a large ceiling, large windows in the ceiling and a king size bed with two dark colored night lamps, and white furniture.

White Bedroom Designs

Brilliant white bedroom designs with white bed sheets, cabinets, chairs walls, drapes white curtains, pillows, white headboard. The only contrast is way that the furniture shade is cast on the ground.

Spacious Master Bedroom Designs

Spacious master bedroom designs – An open space master bedroom design with two circular stairs to the king size bed. Also black sofa in contrast.

Small Master Bedroom Designs

Small master bedroom designs with a shady design, white sloped ceiling, a modern looking fan and blue walls with blew bed sheets. There are two lamps that provide light when the windows are covered by the white curtain.

Richly Decorated Smaller Master Bedroom Designs

Richly decorated smaller master bedroom designs with dark cabins and orange tented lamps. Also dark wooden frames that show small squared paintings.

Professionally Decorated Master Bedroom Designs

Professionally decorated master bedroom designs with a white loveseat, a massive bed with wooden frame and a dark wood headboard. There are plants in every corner and also flowers on the small coffee table.

Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Modern master bedroom design ideas – In this photo there is a black king size bed with white sheets ad black and white pillows. In the background there is a bathroom with a white bathtub.

Master Bedrooms Yellow Walls

Beautifully design master bedroom with yellow walls, yellow curtains and drapes, yellow bed with yellow sheets and pillows, also the chairs are yellow and in contrast with an orange fireplace and an orange ottoman in place of the loveseat.

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