21+ Best Online Home Interior And Exterior Design Software (Free & Paid)

Welcome to our 21+ best online home interior and exterior design software options.

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Below you will find all the information that you need in order to design your dream house. Recently I discovered a list of free design software and I had to test them all and make a review. I spend days playing with every software, twerking the walls, furniture and having a lot of fun. So we made a list of 8+ free ones and also as a bonus a list of 13+  ones that I think are a great value for the buck you you wish to purchase one of them.

The list is growing as soon as I discover new home design software that are worth of mentioning, so since you are a subscriber you will receive free updates.This excites me very much, as a child I was  obsessed with real estate magazines, luxuries home magazines, playing games that involved building a house or two or a whole neighborhood.

home interior design software
home interior design software


The time passed but my passion for architecture, good taste and design continues till this days, except flipping the magazines now I browse the internet looking for the latest and greatest in the home decoration and design industry.
So with the help of the computer and internet I can design and visualize my next project.

If you are like me and you like to mess around with design, you can try any of the software below, starting from scratch or chose a project and mess around with it until you like it so much that you have to build it. The best way to begin it to find sketches of floor plans and start expending the project adding new features like rearranging the walls, adding new and improved furniture etc.

You also have the option to hire a professional home decoration/architect to do it for you. The best part is that there are many online software available online and the majority are drag and drop, so you don’t have to know any coding or any computer knowledge to use them.

So I would like to start with the free list first and after I will start with the paid one. I encourage you to check all the free ones, since they don’t cost anything and the majority are web based. So just make some account and start playing. We selected a wide range of software including kitchen software ( with kitchen modules & sketches), bedroom software, bathroom software, landscape and garden software etc.

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Home Interior Design Software Options:

1. Home Dedicated’s Interior Design Software (Free)

homededicated home design software
homededicated home design software

We created an online interior design portal with the help of our partner just for you. The best part is that the majority of  the functionality is free and  it’s web basted, so you don’t have to download anything.

You can design any room of your choice very quickly just by drag and drop.

You can design a room or a whole house. The choice is yours. Just follow this link and make a free account and start experimenting.


 => Click Here for the free home Dedicated’s home interior design software.


2. Planner 5D (Free)

You can create a room or convert a sketch in a 3D format so can have an idea how will it look. You can change or add new furniture from big king size beds, windows,tors, stairs, to small light switches and light bulbs, the possibilities are limitless.

Planner 5D also can design swimming pools, decks, and in general everything related to exterior design. It’s our second best tool since you can build your house from ground up.

For more details please watch the video below and you can access the software directly from their website (no need to download). Click Here for Planner 5D website.

Planner 5D Demo Video


3. HomeStyler (Free)

HomeStyler is by far the easiest software that you can use. You can control everything form doors, windows, stairs, furniture with ease. It’s web based so you don’t have to download  anything on your computer, just make an account and start experimenting.

HomeStyler Video Demo

Click here for HomeStyler.

4.RoomToDo (Free)

RoomToDo is a hefty little web based software that lest you design you home from ground up. It is cloud based and very easy to use. It has an unique feature that lets you walk-through 3D space. You can do this from different angles and it is a lot of fun.  Here is a short demo and if you like it, try it.

 Click here to try RoomToDo.


5.  Space Designer (Free)

You can design a room or a whole house directly form SpaceDesigne website (no need to download) and it’s super easy to use it. With their user friendly interface you just need to drag and drop the project and start remodeling it.

You will love it.

Here is a short preview.

Visit SpaceDesigner website.

6.  HomeByMe (Free)

This little home planner has many features and you need to download it. You can adjust everything from walls to furniture. You have the ability to convert your room into a 3D model. For more details and watch this short tutorial of the software.

Please visit HomeByMe.

7.  Home Hardware Design Centre

The Canadians form Home Hardware are very good at what they are doing. The home interior design software is available for everyone and its cloud based (no need to download). It can work with predefined rooms you can upload a picture or a project and start messing around. For more details please visit them HERE.

Home Hardware Design Centre

Click here for the Home Hardware


8. Small Blue Printer (Free)

Small Blue Printer offers a variety of features that helps you to create home planing including landscape and gardens. You can access the software online instantly without download. Watch this sample to find out more.

Click here for more info about Small Blue Printer.


9. Room Sketcher (Free)

Room sketcher is a free online software program that lets you design floor plans and with the additional on the go templates, you just need to select one and start experimenting. You have the ability to view them in 2D and 3D, and be careful some templates are free, but they have some that are premium.

Just try and find out if you like the interior design software.   Video demo below:

Click here for Room Sketcher.


10. Olympic Paint Color Visualizer (Free)

Olympic Paint Color Visualizer offers a handy software where you can upload a picture of a room and add different items to it to see how will it look after. It’s designed to help you chose the best wall and floor color for that room.

Be sure to check them out since is nothing to install and download. Here is a little preview:

Visit Olympic Paint Color Visualizer.

11. IKEA Home Planning and Room Planner (Free)

IKEA made a software program to help you decor a room with it’s furniture. If you plan to buy IKEA furniture, this is a great option. The software comes free but you have to install it on your computer. They offer all kinds of room templates and you just to chose one and start remodeling your bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, wardrobes, etc.

Here is an IKEA employee revealing the software

Click Here for IKEA Home Planning and Room Planner.

12. My Deco 3D Room Planner (Free)

Here is a great little software that is easy to use and you don’t have to download anything. It’s web-based and you can access anytime you like. They offer several tutorials to get you started.

My Deco 3D Room Planner Demo Video Here

Click here for My Deco 3D Room Planner.

13. Lowe’s Virtual Room Designer (Free)

This is a free interior design software provided from those at Lowe’s that lets you design kitchen, dining room,  bathroom or laundry room. You can work from scratch or use the ready made templates that they provided and start messing around. It has a limited functionality but has by far the best graphics of any home interior design software. Tt’s web-based and you can save your progress in your account.

Here is a picture of the software

Lowe’s Virtual Room Designer

Click here for Lowe’s Virtual Room Designer Software.

14. SmartDraw Interior Design Software (Paid, but Free Demo)

SmartDraw is a popular software that lets you design house plans, kitchens, gardens, bathrooms, etc. pretty much any room that you wish to design. It’s a downloadable product and from my experience it’s very easy to use.  Create room layouts, floor plans with ease.

 Here is a quick demo

Click here for SmartDraw interior design software.

15. Decolabs (Free app for iPad)

Decolabs is a free iPad app that lets you design rooms on the go. You can take a photo of  your room, browse their catalog that feature many retailers in and attach the furniture that you like to the photo in order to see how will it look.

Decolabs Video Tutorial

Click here for Decolabs.

16. Cylindo (Paid, but  free demo)

Cylindo is a offers an interior design software that it’s easy to use and fun, but it comes in a trial version, and when it expires, you have to buy it in order to use it. The main focus is on turning your furniture into a 3D version that can incorporate your room style so you can have an idea on how it will look after.

Cylindo Software Video Tutorial

Click here to try Cylindo.

17. Chief Architect (Paid)

Chief Architect is a software that offers a bunch of features but the most popular  one is the Home Designer Suite. This software is super easy to work with and pre-made templates of cool designed rooms or you can start from scratch. The best part is that Chief Architect can render 3D and 2D for a better experience.

Here is a tutorial of Chief Architect (47 minutes)

Click Here for ChiefArchitect Software.

18. FloorPlanner (Free and Paid)

With FloorPlanner you cancreate a floor for free, any additional floors will cost you extra. You can also opt-in to a subscription based payment plan. You have the ability to plan you entire house, landscape or just a little room and also add furniture as you wish. You do’t have to download anything, just work in your browser.

Here Is A  Short Demo 

For More Information Click Here.

19. HGTV Design Software (Paid)

HGTV Design Software is one of the best home design programs available and now they added a new feature witch is the interior designer. Be aware that this is not a free software. They have a ton of tutorials on how to use their software in order to take advantage of all their features.

Here Is An Overview

Click Here for HGTV Design Software.

20. DreamPlan Home Design Software (Free)

Here is a free home, landscape and interior design software that you can use for your projects. It has many features like creating the floor plan of your house, condo or apartment, custom sets of colors, switch between 2D and 3D models, easy to use interface and the ability to transform existing rooms. This software is downloadable and works just for the Windows OS.

Here Is A Tutorial

For more info Click Here.

21. Punch Software (Paid)

Punch Software is one of the best home interior and exterior design software on the market today. It comes with many premium features and it’s easy to use. The best part is when you work on a 2D model you can view simultaneously the 3D projection.  With an easy to use interface and a high quality graphics, Punch Software is our Number 1 option regarding complete home interior and exterior design software.

Here Is A Short Demo

Click Here to learn more about Punch Software

This is our to 21 best home design software tools. Feel free to check the ones you like and don’t forget to view our great home decor galleries by topics.

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