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40+ Modern Bathrooms Design Ideas

Do you want your bathroom to become a space full of luxury? Do you like glamor and modernity? Learn how to turn your conventional bathroom into a modern and luxurious one by reading this article. Also below are more than 137 luxury bathroom photos and more to be added. The furniture, the walls, the floor,

57+ Luxury Custom Bathroom Designs

In the past, the importance of decorating or finishing a luxury custom bathroom was very low, but now there are trends according to each season. How it has changed, do not you think? Now the details are in each corner as a large mirror that enlarges the dimension, cold lighting or lamps that embellish the space,

137+ Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas (Pictures)

There are different styles that can be used when designing or renovating a luxurious bathroom. But before choosing materials, colors or finishes, we must also take into account the functionality. The aesthetic and the practical have to be combined since, however beautiful it may be, if it is not comfortable in its use it will

Small and Medium Bathroom Designs – Ideas, Photos, and Tips

In this article, we shall see how to maximize the design spaces in a bathroom with small dimensions. The useful tips and photos can inspire us to make small changes to your bathroom or project underway that will surely improve the overall appearance of the bathroom and its functionality, let’s begin: Tips to improve the

How to Design a Bathroom Under the Staircase

In this article, we shall talk about a great idea that many people are not taking into consideration – bathroom under the stairs design. If you have enough space under the stairs and want to not waste it you should include a bathroom. Depending on the area we have, we can create a complete toilet

Different Bathroom Ceramic Models, Designs, and Colors

This time we shall see a series of photos with different types of tiles varying from the size to the color tone and placement in order to get the desired effect. When designing a bathroom, besides the layout of the bathroom, is also important the design choices and the model of the ceramic elements.  We

Small and Medium Bathroom Sizes

With this series of bathroom designs, you can be inspired to remodel this important space of the house to make it more modern. Both the combination of colors, materials used, as well as the location of the toilets will inspire you to get the desired effect. Here we have seen how to design a bathroom

Original Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

In this article you will find great ideas on how to design a bathroom. We’ve made a list of some of them that you can use as a starting point for the bathroom you’re looking for. Let’s begin: Interior decoration of an original bathroom If you need a contemporary and urban design, the following models