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Can You Design Your Own House?

The short answer is: Yes! You can design your own house. However, it will require some technical analysis and special software for this project. You can design your house blueprint alone using computer software or with the help of a professional architect. Designing your dream home all by yourself requires a basic understanding of the

Design Your House Online for Free

When it comes to room design and interior decoration of our home, we usually see photos and choose a style that we like and immediately replicate it. Now we will go a step further and we shall find out how to completely design any room in the house. Choose a personalized style theme and make

Best Programs for Interior & Exterior Design

In this article we shall talk about the best online interior/exterior design sites which will allow us to add all the necessary equipment to the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, bar, terrace, etc. in order to generate the appropriate interior space as well as to change or combine the colors and textures of the

Top 5 Most Used Interior Design Software with 3D Furniture Models

In this article, you will find which are our top picks for interior design applications that contain thousands of 3D furniture and appliances of different styles and dimensions. So that you can play with them as you desire both in the remodeling phase or if you are starting a new project and building it from

How to Create House Plans in Four Steps (Tips for Design)

   In this article, you will find out which are the 4 steps in designing house plans regarding if you want to remodel or start a new project from scratch. Each step is oriented to emulate the design criteria used by architects and designers. You will also see which are the common mistakes and also

Top Programs to Design 3D Houses for Free

Here we have seen the best applications to design free online house plans, now we will take a look at specific programs to design in 3D but oriented to the design of house perspectives and buildings. In this way, you can have a three-dimensional image of the remodeling of the interior spaces of your home

Cool Mobile Apps That You Can Use to Create House Projects

In this article, you will find out which are the best mobile applications to create house plans and projects for both smartphones and Android tablets as well as for the iPhone and iPad (iOS). In this way, you will be able to generate 2D and 3D drawings of houses, make virtual tours of your home

Best Apps for Architects and Designers (Android and iOS)

Once the home improvement industry evolved, the need for highly sophisticated and precision based apps for architects and designers also emerged. That’s why in this article we created a list of the best 5 mobile apps to install on the Android tablets and smartphones and also on the iPhones and iPads, that when an idea

Top 10 Software for Designing the Interior of Your Dream House

Online applications for making house plans and develop interior design have evolved. The apps have a user interface more friendly and also have increased in quality and quantity of furniture and equipment from the library. In this article, you discover below a selection of useful apps some free and/or freemium. 10 applications for drawing plans