25+ Cool Swinging Chairs for the Bedroom

Swinging chairs for the bedroom are increasingly becoming the main alternative to conventional plain chairs. These chairs were so popular in the time past and are now making a real comeback into the market.

teen bedroom with yarn hanging chair and photo accent wall

The yarn hanging chair adds a pop of bright colors to this contemporary fun teen bedroom with yarn hanging chair and photo accent wall. The colourful chair starkly contrasts the green and blue shades used for the bedspread

In the days of our fathers, because a hanging chair for bedroom would usually be made from low quality materials, they were made to look inexpensive and less durable. Today, top artisans from around the globe are making hanging chairs in their variety of styles, designs and functions that can nicely be incorporated into any interior configurations.

In today’s fast–paced world, moments are when you just want to sit down and think, or let yourselves go with your mind off the stuffs that might be bothering you. These moments usually call for a special place, somewhere very next to your nest or close to home where you don’t really have to go far. This is where an indoor swinging chair for adults comes in handy.

Swinging chairs may seem more like just a statement piece or a novelty item to be installed in the house, but with proper design, styling and settings, they are one of the coolest furniture pieces to install in a home. As well as liven up a bedroom space, a hanging chair from ceiling can create a cozy spot to hang and relax, curl up with a book, or just to enjoy views from the bedroom. That mentioned, when it comes to choosing hanging chairs for your home, there are lots of important aspects to put into consideration including;


Textile and rattan are the most common materials used for hanging chairs because of their light texture, sturdiness, flexibility, and above all, air can pass through them. With a powder coated aluminium, or stainless steel base, most contemporary swinging chairs are hand–knitted or made of crochet or acrylic. While a powder coated aluminium base is scratch prove and lighter, a stainless steel frame is less prone to bends and dents.


A hanging chair has two basic configurations, viz. to have the chair supported by a rope(s) attached to the ceiling, or to hang the chair on a fish–pole style rod with a sturdy base on the ground. Each of these configurations comes with its benefits.

For instance, a ceiling–mounted hanging chair is a great conversational piece that offers an enormous swing radius. This makes it a preferred piece of item especially by those looking to get more swings from their chairs. Designed to hover over the floor, and comes with the potential for more seating space especially when different ceiling tethers are used, a ceiling–hanging chair saves on floor space.

On the other hand, an indoor hanging chair with stand and a sturdy base on the ground is great if it is intended for moving around the bedroom. This configuration is the perfect option for outdoor units that are intended to be stowed in safely during bad weathers.


Another essential aspect to consider when choosing a swinging chair is where to place the chair within the bedroom. Having your pod hanging chair hung near the window is a great way to maximize the outdoor views as well as the natural air coming in from the outside. If however, you want your chair close to the bed, it is important to consider the distance, as chances are that you bump into it in the dark if it is too close to the bed. Another hanging option is the center of the bedroom where the chair will be the main conversation piece. This is a good idea especially in a room where the ceiling is cathedral–style.


The best way to accessorize and add harmonizing accents on a swinging chair is cushioning. As well as creating a more comfortable swinging chair experience, cushioning brings artistic balance to the bedroom through the chair. Most contemporary hanging chairs come with pre–installed cushioning in varied styles and designs for proper bedroom additions.


With a wide range of colors, designs, and styles, hanging chairs are built to fit perfectly into any room configuration. For instance, the synthetic rattan swinging chairs, and acrylic hanging bubble chairs are more suited to modern style bedrooms or rooms with contemporary profiles. In the same vein, yarn knit or rope patterns, and natural abaca weave patterns favor cozy rooms with more cottage–style vibe. For a hanging chair outdoor, or an indoor hanging egg chair for two to be placed in a sun–filled room, heavy duty textiles like synthetic tent fabric and cotton can be considered.

The swinging chairs for the bedroom photo gallery below includes varieties of swinging chair design ideas to give different design ideas and help inspire you in designing your own bedroom.

Bedroom with Birds Nest Hanging Wicker Chair and Outdoor Views

This bedroom with birds nest hanging wicker chair and outdoor views incorporates a hanging wicker chair in black bird nest style next to a large floor to ceiling window which enhances beautiful outdoor views

Teens Bedroom with Purple Walls Shag Carpet and See Through Swinging Bubble Chair with Cushions

Fitted with geometric patterned green curtains, this teens bedroom with purple walls shag carpet and see through swinging bubble chair with cushions was brought to live by its modern shade of purple. It features a contemporary style shade lamp hanging along with the swing bubble chair

Teenager Bedroom with Hanging Rattan Chair and Blue Walls

This teenager bedroom with hanging rattan chair and blue walls made use of modern style rattan material to create a woven swinging chair. The hanging rope combines nicely with the rattan material to accent the white window frames and the room’s dark blue walls

Teen Girls Bedroom with Bubble Hanging Chair with Silver Cushions and Heart Shaped Bed

In this teen girls bedroom with bubble hanging chair with silver cushions and heart shaped bed, the silver cushioning of the hanging bubble chair balanced the circular bed’s silver bedsheets and offset by pink heart cushions. The heavy grained hardwood flooring creates warm ambiance

Pretty Girls Bedroom with Aqua Color Hanging Chair and Feather Chandelier

This pretty girls bedroom with aqua color hanging chair and feather chandelier features a feather chandelier and a painting mural. Knitted up in aqua color with floral patterns, the swinging chair is hung next to a large window

Pink Girls Bedroom with Round Swinging Chair with Clear Sides

The round see through swinging bubble chair is an excellent addition to this modern style pink girls bedroom with round swinging chair with clear sides. The room also features a large hanging lamp with fins which lights up the entire space

Moon Shaped Swinging Chair in Modern Bedroom

The moon shaped swinging chair in modern bedroom exceptionally accents the texture of the bedroom. The white wool fabric seat cushioning together with the stainless steel base make a good addition to the bedroom

Modern Master Bedroom with Pink Painted Walls and Floor Mount Swing Chair

This modern master bedroom with pink painted walls and floor mount swing chair is fitted with stylish fixtures. A pole hooks in wide circular stainless steel base gives the globe style swinging chair a more sophisticated vibe

Luxury Kids Bedroom with Rattan Swinging Chair Bed with Tufted Headboard and Glam Feather Chandelier

This is a luxury kids bedroom with rattan swinging chair bed with tufted headboard and glam feather chandelier. The rattan hanging chair is hung next to a double hung window that lets in plenty of natural light

Kids Bedroom with Hanging Nest Chair

This adventure style kids bedroom with hanging nest chair incorporates a tent–like swinging chair made using a tough but thin fabric. The chair goes excellently well with the beach shack feel of the space

Indoor Swing Chair on Stand

This nest style indoor swing chair on stand combines an all around abstract rattan pattern in black with a tufted seat cushion in white. Placed next to a large window, the chair exceptionally complements the outdoor natural lake shore scenery

Fun Kids Bedroom with Swinging Bubble Chair

Reflected in the purple accents on the throw pillows, bedsheets, lampshades, bedframe as well as the seat cushioning on the hanging bubble chair, this fun kids bedroom with swinging bubble chair used purple wall treatment throughout the room

Egg Shaped Swinging Chair in Room

This floor–mounted egg shaped swinging chair in room is set against a simple background of stark white wall and long curtain. While it makes an awesome addition to a room with clean background, it is also perfect for outdoor use

Cute Girls Bedroom with Bubble Hanging Chair

The see through bubble hanging chair makes a useful addition to this cute girls bedroom with bubble hanging chair. The chair incorporates throw pillows on the seat that nicely accent the light floral patterned wall paper

Cotton Swinging Chair for Bedroom

Perfect for lightening up a room, this relaxed cotton swinging chair for bedroom is made using organic cotton. Available in several vibrant colors, the chair is perfect for both indoors or outdoors use

Contemporary Bedroom with Swinging Rattan Chair and Bed with Storage Underneath

As well as other contemporary spherical design elements, this contemporary bedroom with swinging rattan chair and bed with storage underneath also incorporates a circular woven patterned hanging rattan chair in dark brown color

Blue Hanging Chair in Kids Room

With large awning windows, this space with a blue hanging chair in kids room has terrific views of the outdoors. The light hardwood flooring and white walls are beautifully contrasted by a large striped area rug, and a pale blue accent wall

Bird Cage Swinging Chair in Bedroom

This bird cage swinging chair in bedroom incorporates stainless steel for a sturdy stand base, and white plush cushioning for seating. The chair offers the room a more interesting vibe and minimal modern feel

Purple Kids Bedroom with White Semi Circle Swinging Chair

The white knitted semi circular swinging chair makes a fantastic addition to this purple kids bedroom with white semi circle swinging chair. The chair goes well with the forest green carpet and solid purple walls

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