Dome Design for Terrace or Garden – Interesting Alternative to Protect Yourself from the Sun and Cold

To cover a terrace or garden we have several options such as wooden structures in the form of pergolas or even simple linens umbrellas but a garden dome igloo is an interesting alternative to create a new space outside the house.

Dome placed in the garden of the house
Dome placed in the garden of the house

Transparent dome placed in the house garden allows to maintain the internal microclimate and protect from external climatic agents such as the wind in winter (Design: Garden Igloo)

Instead of an umbrella, you can use a dome

Umbrella shaped dome design placed in the garden
Umbrella-shaped dome design placed in the garden

In summer a dome is useful because it provides shade on the terrace

The tubes of the structure are made of PVC and are joined in a triangular shape to give resistance to the oval shape.


In the winter, protect yourself from the cold in a dome

Dome design for garden or terrace
Dome design for garden or terrace – The good thing about a spherical structure is that it maintains a uniform temperature inside and thanks to the aerodynamic shape allow to deflect the strong winds.

And of course, if you have a jacuzzi in the terrace design, you can also use a dome to cover it at any time of the year.

Watch how the dome is armed in a short time

Here at Home Dedicated we have seen the Uni-dome domes that instead of having a triangular tube structure, it uses a modular system so it is easy to assemble. Use it as a reference to see which one is more feasible for you to build.

If you do not have enough time to build your own dome then you can buy one from  Garden Igloo that has it for a price of $900. The box has two covers (one transparent for the summer that completely covers the structure as a greenhouse and one opaque to use as an umbrella in summer), PVC pipes for the structure and an anchor kit. Good to mention is that the components are recyclable.


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