+25 Golf Backyard Putting Green Ideas

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large backyard putting green next to patio

The many cacti and palm tree species in the backyard of this large backyard putting green next to patio makes it somewhat evident that the layout design is set in a relatively dry and arid environment. But the passions of a true golfer cannot be hampered by the desert weather.

Today, many golf aficionados are putting up putting green in their own backyards, thanks to the various backyard putting green ideas available. Golf putting green for home is a practical and convenient way to practice golf swings from your home while adding polish and value to the house. It is also a great way to bring other golf enthusiastic friends and family around for mini golf games.

A backyard golf putting green comes with lots of different benefits. However, to maximize these advantages, you must ensure that you keep in mind the various awe-inspiring qualities of a good backyard putting green. For instance, a strong foundation is required for a backyard putting green to ensure its longevity. A well-built golf backyard putting green will not only guarantee hours of golf gaming enjoyment, but it will also increase the resale value of the house. In this article, you’ll find photos of backyard putting green designs that will provide inspiration for crafting a space to practice your beloved hobby.

Type of Backyard Putting Green

One incredible feature of a well-built putting green is its challenging design, which is a function of the choice of material used for the turf. Generally speaking, there are two types of material that can be used to create a putting green -the synthetic turf and the natural grass.

Natural Grass

While it is joy to play on as it simulates the environment and effect of a real golf course with its interesting shapes, most professionals advise against backyard putting green real grass for enthusiastic  golfers. This is because of the time that you have to commit for the upkeep and maintenance of living turfgrass. Although, it could be far less expensive to install than its artificial counterpart, but it will need a daily maintenance and growing the grass again and again year on year especially in locations with more colder months. And also, a backyard putting green with sand trap, sand pits, elevations and mounds can be hard to mow and irrigate effectively.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic greens, is long lasting, durable and does not require everyday maintenance, not to mention its even surface and all-year-round use. As well as its convenience factor, the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions is the reason of choosing backyard putting green artificial turf. The bills of putting up a synthetic turf varies as it is a function of the quality of the turf you choose and whether or not you will be arranging and installing it yourself.

Benefits of Backyard Putting Green

A golf aficionado can derive, amongst other benefits, the following benefits from his or her backyard putting green small backyard:  

Cost Effectiveness

While it can be bank breaking to play the game of golf on a regular basis, a backyard putting green grass allows you to play golf with friends and family on your own turf at any point in time. All you need to do is to ensure that your sod -whether artificial or natural, is of top quality material.


With a backyard putting green carpet, time is never going to be a challenge anymore. Studded with contemporary backyard putting green kits, a putting green at home will afford you the chance to regularly rehearse your gaming techniques, perfect your skills regardless of the time of the day.

Beautiful Environments

Aside the fact that it brings the golf course to your abode, a backyard putting green will also not only add beauty but dimensions to your home; thanks to its all-green texture and look. Flowers and other foliage plants can be incorporated around the corners of the green to make things invigorating and more natural.

Continual Improvement

A backyard putting green will allow you to carry out series of golf drills that can steadily enhance your game techniques and skills. Whether golf is your hobby or profession, continual drills can go a long way to making your practices worthwhile.

The idea of having a personal backyard putting green sod at home sure makes a lot of sense to golf hobbyists and golf enthusiasts alike. A handy putting green in backyard makes it pretty easy to practice the game of golf at home at any time of the day and/or whenever there is enough time to spare. With appropriate construction materials and tools, incorporating a backyard golf putting green into the landscaping of your home will be fun and a fairly straight-forward exercise.

The following backyard putting green ideas photo gallery brings together lots of contemporary backyard putting green ideas from professionals to help you in your incorporating a golf putting green into your backyard’s landscaping.

5 hole golf putting green

Like the large and sprawling putting greens, little golf putting greens are simple and serve their purposes well. This 5 hole golf putting green in small backyard is ideal for golfers who do not want too much from their putting green area

large golf putting green from above

Creating an effective backyard green doesn’t really require a wildly eclectic design. This large golf putting green from above incorporates a straight–forward design to not only maximize the space, but keep the installation and labor costs relatively low

golf putting green

This golf putting green is placed on a higher ground as opposed to the rest of the surrounding neighboring backyards to enhance a good view of the backyard putting experience. One of the edges of the putting green has a long stone bench for lounging on

golf putting green in yard

Despite the obvious absence of grass cover in this golf putting green in yard, turf is set up  with a very nice design aesthetic resulted from the estetical clean contrast between the hardscape tiles and the turf

custom design backyard putting green

The custom design backyard putting green sported by this mediterranean house has its turf designed geometrically designed landscaping of the backyard.

backyard putting green with desert style landscaping

The pebbled backyard floor cover surrounding this backyard putting green with desert style landscaping really makes it looks more like an island. The minimalist outdoor design really  feels stylish and open

backyard putting green artificial turf

Putting greens are often separated from the main yard using clear cut boundaries. In this landscaping design the backyard putting green artificial turf makes it a great idea to practice your swing.

backyard putting green and swimming pool

When it comes to home gold practice landscaping, open backyard putting greens is a must. This backyard putting green and swimming pool has its putting green is next to the house’s swimming pool.

backyard golf putting green

The simple symmetrical layout of this backyard golf putting green encourages optimal putting practice and leisure playing. The makeshift mini sand trap by the side of the turf is designed to help hold any unused spare balls in place

backyard golf green with tropical plants at luxury home

The intelligently placed flood lights let night–time play possible in this backyard golf green with tropical plants at luxury home. The creative landscaping with the tropical palm trees enhances the overall backyard of the home

artificial turf putting green

Nicely nestled within the surrounding landscaping trees and bushes, this artificial turf putting green design has large embedded rocks encircle the edges of its green and the path leading to the turfed area to create a cozy private putting area

double putting greens at luxury home

Just like the double putting greens at luxury home in this picture, luxury homes can afford more than one large sprawling putting greens. The double putting turfed areas can effectively function as a practice area for golfers

rounded backyard putting green

While this rounded backyard putting green avails itself of the spacious backyard opportunity of this home, the backyard design in turn takes advantage of the putting green to create an aesthetic look like an accent piece

putting green with long driving backdrop

As well as lending a uniquely beautiful view, this expansive backyard putting green with long driving backdrop also creates a long driving range for the backyard golfer. This set up  makes an ideal practice ground for both long and short and long games

putting green next to paver patio

This backyard integrates a putting green next to paver patio which is an incredible way to set up a backyard.  Basically, paver patios are perfect for backyard landscaping, but the putting green integration creates a nice contrast that is pleasing to the senses

putting green in homes backyard

The cedar fences with climbing vines all over, this putting green in homes backyard design makes a natural ambiance for the landscaping

practice putting green for golfers

One of the key points of a good backyard design is meticulously using the left–over space for creativity. With bright flower beds located right next to the greens, this backyard still maintains its beautiful aesthetics for the landscaping even after allotting an expansive practice putting green for golfers

outdoor putting green

Unlike those incorporated into the backyard of a home, this landscaping design takes another dimension. Built  into a park, this outdoor putting green helps everyone practice their swing in a public place.

outdoor backyard golf putting green

This outdoor backyard golf putting green is sure to indulge the homeowners in practicing more.

luxury backyard with shady putting green

Sometimes open putting green areas can be too open for the heat of the sun to be reprieved, hence hindering the usual putting practices. The tree beside the green in this luxury backyard with shady putting green helps provide ample shading
long putting green in backyard
This backyard effectively uses small narrow spaces to create a beautiful long putting green in backyard. This landscaping design is perfect for homes with a quaint backyard and a homeowner with a large passion for golf

backyard golf putting green with mountain views
Backyard golf putting green with mountain views
backyard putting green with fake turf surrounded by real grass and water feature pond
Backyard putting green with fake turf surrounded by real grass and water feature pond
large backyard putting green with rock landscaping
Large backyard putting green with rock landscaping

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