How to Design a Bathroom Under the Staircase

In this article, we shall talk about a great idea that many people are not taking into consideration – bathroom under the stairs design. If you have enough space under the stairs and want to not waste it you should include a bathroom.

Bathroom under the staircase with wide door
Bathroom under the staircase with wide door – Bold bathroom design under the staircase with two doors.

Depending on the area we have, we can create a complete toilet or a practical bathroom that only includes a sink and a toilet. To achieve it we need to know what are the minimum measures in order to create it. Also below you can see some photos to get inspired by the design. We are looking forward to this space so let’s begin.

How to design a bathroom:

Necessary measures to design a bathroom under the staircase

A wall closing bathroom under the staircase

The bathroom must have a minimum width of 36 inches.

The length you must have is approximately 7.2 feet (recommended).

The design of the bathroom below the staircase is limited by the width of the same and the height of the ceiling, however it is quite possible that in the vast majority of cases you can design a half bathroom and for more generous stairs you can place a complete bathroom that includes a tub or shower as we will see in the pictures below.

Design of bathroom under the staircase

Small bathroom on staircase
Small bathroom on staircase – In a very small space, the toilet and sink (the smallest ones) have been put and the door opens outwards
Lavatory under the staircase
Lavatory under the staircase – Detail of a sink that thanks to the design of the staircase could be placed in that position
Large staircase with bathroom
Large staircase with bathroom – If you have a wide staircase, this is one of the best design solutions (left in the photo)
Bathroom under staircase (profile)
Bathroom under staircase (profile) – Profile of a bathroom under the staircase
Bathroom lighting and ventilation under the staircase
Bathroom lighting and ventilation under the staircase – Thanks to the fact that the staircase is designed facing the outside of the house, a small window for lighting and ventilation could be placed, in other cases, it may be necessary to install an exhaust fan.
Large bathroom under the stairs
Large bathroom under the stairs – In some cases, the fact that wide stairs allow us to design a complete bathroom can be presented

As we can see in the images has been placed in light tones painting because these environments are usually very small, remember to take into account the parameters of the minimum dimensions that we have given at the beginning of the article so that it can be functional, to inspire you in other designs You can go to review “Small bathroom designs” that we have published.

Some more models of small bathrooms that can help you in the design:

(photos: Houzz)

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