10 Innovative Terraces Designs and Ideas for Decorating The Outdoor Spaces

With this ten terrace models that you will see below, you will have more and better ideas on how to design your own place to relax after a hard way at work. You will also know how to combine materials such as stone and wood with decorative elements and equipment such as lamps, furniture, and hammocks. All designed to create a special place on the exterior of your home. Let’s see:

Terrace Design Ideas
Terrace Design Ideas – Beautiful terrace design – in the first place we can see a piece of the furniture in white protected by a virtual cover of wooden rods, in the center a jacuzzi and in the end the design of a hammock (Architect Kurt Krueger)

1.Get an exterior with all the necessary comfort elements on a terrace

When we have a rectangular area outside the house, it may be appropriate to create a virtual wooden module (see the next photo) where we can add a comfortable sofa in front of the bonfire that has an interesting design.

As a novelty in the design of this terrace is the inclusion of a jacuzzi, which together with the hammock will become the ideal area to relax located on the side of the house.

Modern design terrace with hammock
Modern design terrace with hammock – From this angle, we can see the design of the hammock that is supported by a metal structure

If you like this terrace model, please enter: Modern terrace design where all the photos are.

2.Modern terrace design that uses light as the main decoration point

Terrace design with illuminated furniture
Terrace design with illuminated furniture – Light is one of the main elements of interior decoration. If you want to get a modern terrace design you must know how to use it. In the photo, we can see that they have placed a point of light under the furniture set that changes according to the state of mind that you want to achieve (Harold Leidner)

3.Designing a terrace on the roof of the house

Terrace design with jacuzzi
Terrace design with jacuzzi – The jacuzzi is the main design point of this terrace, in the center a small structure that is used as a source of fire (Brandon Arquitectos)

4.Create a terrace in the water or surrounded by plants

Original terrace design inside a pool
Original terrace design inside a pool – An original design of a terrace inside the pool, from this perspective you can have a continuous view of the water (Pasquale Design)

5.Terrace design when you have little time for maintenance

If you have a small space on the outside of your house and do not have enough time to grow plants or give constant maintenance to the garden, then the following design is for you.

Terrace design with artificial grass
Terrace design with artificial grass – Synthetic grass trimmed in undulating forms, ceramic furniture has been placed on top of it (Grace Design Associates)

6.The design of the garden is an important part of the decoration of the terrace.

A trend currently is the creation of figures in the garden that can be converted into an original terrace if we add furniture made of vegetable fibers. If you are interested in this type of designs do not forget to combine materials and colors such as stone and shrub shapes:

Garden design with shapes and combination of materials
Garden design with shapes and combination of materials – Avalon NW

7.Fences for terraces

In some cases it is necessary that you make a fence to your house to properly delimit the areas and get more privacy, now we will see an interesting model that you can use.

Small terrace design with fence and covered furniture
Small terrace design with fence and covered furniture – Design of a small and cozy terrace, it has a furniture structure with a roof with some colored cushions that combine with the color of the candles in the decoration. Near them a fountain that can be used as a fireplace (Busybee Design)

8.Combine plant and mineral materials on the terrace

The correct combination of materials will make your terrace the best in the neighborhood, in the following model inspired by a Japanese garden you can see how a bamboo fence has been used that combines very well with shrubs and different types of stone such as pumice and Boulder.

Japanese garden design special for terrace
Japanese garden design special for terrace – If you want a relaxing terrace do not forget to combine all these materials (Jesse Im / bugonmyleaf)

9.Use of pergolas and other structural elements outdoors

Play with several elements for your terrace, the use of pergolas is another important design resource. If you have a passage or tour outside the house you can take the option of roofing it virtually (for example with wooden bars) and then cover it with climbing plants. Let’s see an exterior model of a rustic house.

Pergolas in home garden
Pergolas in home garden – The exterior of a home (Carney Logan Burke Architects)

10.Creating two terraces in one when we have a large outdoor space

Finally, we shall see the design of a terrace that is a bit more complex that you can use if you have a large outdoor space. It is a winding route and the center would be located the main terrace with a stone fire. At the end of the route is a smaller and intimate terrace; Two types of wood colors have been combined in the floors and the way they are placed, the rails are made of wood with iron.

Modern terrace design
Modern terrace design – In a space, two terraces have been created thanks to the circular design (Trex)

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