74+ Kitchen Design Gallery – The Ultimate Solution To Kitchen Design Ideas

It is a known fact that a kitchen design gallery is something that benefits everyone regardless of class, taste, or preferences.


A full wall of medium brown wood cabinets and panels and a medium brown wood island with cream countertops give this 100k luxury kitchen space a sexy modern mood

Though people have different perceptions of kitchen and how they actually want their kitchen to look. A kitchen gallery is something that can help you identify a set up that won’t only suit your taste and preferences, but also offers you a variety of bespoke options and modern kitchen design. One ideal process of setting up a kitchen is to simplify the selection of colors, architectural details, and decor. A gallery can offer you the best country kitchen ideas for designing or remodelling your kitchen.

Whether you are looking to design or remodel your kitchen, some important features to consider include:


In determining the layout of your kitchen, the importance of dimensions cannot be misplaced. Dimensions are key at every stage of your design. Having a rough estimate or idea of the measurements of the kitchen space will help you determine what elements you should incorporate in your design. For instance, if there is more space to fill, you might want to consider additional appliances. And where space is the big challenge, you then may need to cleverly scale down on your plans. Either way however, getting the layout for the kitchen space can either mess or make the success of the whole kitchen set up.

Aesthetic Value

Another vital feature to consider is the theme that will impeccably define the overall ambience of the kitchen. A brilliantly created kitchen photo gallery will often come handy when it comes to some of the best options available today. Whether what you are looking for is something traditional and rustic, or something ultramodern and sleek, or just some simple kitchen design, a good gallery will offer you a vast kitchen set–ups options. Consistency is key to avoiding contrasting results. At this point, any addition should enhance and not mess up the look of the entire set–up. A gallery is always a source of inspiration to keep up the aesthetic elements in the kitchen.

Golden Triangle Layout Rule

From open kitchen designs, to kitchen design L shape, kitchen ideas dark cabinets, and even white kitchen ideas; whatever your preference is, getting the most optimal set–up for your kitchen is all about practicality and functionality. It is about having each element and every single item placed not just where it is supposed to be, but where it can easily be accessed. Kitchen designers often refer to this process as ergonomics, which is usually achieved by the Golden Triangle concept. Golden Triangle concept is such whereby the fridge, cooktop (oven/stove), and kitchen sink are positioned in a way they form a triangle.


Finally, kitchen is an essential place to enjoy with friends and family as you dine together. Therefore, it should feature elements that combine functional durability with natural elegance. A kitchen gallery allows you to choose the optimal features for your kitchen, specializing in countertops, cabinetry, as well as space planning to help turn your set–up into reality. Additionally, it provides a wide range of designs therefore offering useful inspiration for a kitchen set–up and remodel. If you will like to view a comprehensive online kitchen design gallery, visit our kitchen designs photo gallery below which offers solutions that are very practical in meeting your daily cooking challenges.

White Kitchens With Honey And Light Wood Floors

This white kitchen with honey and light wood floors is very gorgeous and elegant. The natural light wood flooring and classic white cabinetries keep the space very luxurious and traditional

White Kitchens With Dark Wood Floor

This white kitchen has a fine dark wood flooring that meshes perfectly with the striking black color in the bar chairs. The stone cream colored countertops give the beautiful white space a pleasant contrast

Dark Wood Kitchen Designs

A luxurious dark wood kitchen design with a low level island for food preparation! The granite of the island top and countertops contrasts with the fine dark wood of the cabinets

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

An elegant and modestly–sized kitchen with a small granite island! The base of the island meshes perfectly with dark wood kitchen cabinets and rest of the room

Custom Wooden Kitchens

A modest sized eat–in kitchen with stainless steel appliances and floor–to–ceiling custom wooden cabinets that line the entirety of the wall! The cream granite countertops mesh perfectly with the floor tiles. The two–tiered custom wooden kitchen island plays host to four classic barstools

Craftsman Kitchens

Medium brown hardwood cabinets line the entirety of this craftsman kitchen and a box–like shaped island carries the same wood material but in contrasting color. The warmth of this wood wonder is enhanced with marble countertops

Asian Kitchen Ideas

The interplay of fine dark brown cabinet fixtures and the island base against the cream feel of the other fixtures does not only add to the sexiness of the Asian kitchen ideas, but also helps kick up the contrast

White Kitchen Designs Pictures

The aluminum appliances and large stainless steel pendant lighting fixtures hang above the island create a striking visual contrast against the crisp white cabinetries and the clean white island. Dark wood flooring balances out the all white feel of the white kitchen design

White Kitchen Design Variations

Polished white cabinetries and island with stoned gray countertops and beige backsplash brought variation in to this white kitchen design and makes it elegant and refined. The stainless steel appliances create a modern feel in the space

White Beach Style Kitchen Designs Island

Beach styles are usually open concepts, and nothing can do it better than a great open room like the kitchen or dining area. Blue throughout this open kitchen creates a very nice white beach style kitchen design with island

Uber Luxurious Kitchen Designs

A richly detailed kitchen can mean all the difference in the home. This gorgeous uber luxurious kitchen design features dark wood furniture and dark granite countertops that provide distinctive contrast against the light orange tile flooring. The classic orb pendant light add detail to the ceiling

U Shaped Kitchen Designs

Thoroughly white u–shaped kitchen design features natural wood flooring with crisp white cabinetry and fine wood island with contrasting white counter top. The breakfast bar features exquisite white barstools that further enhance the white feel of the space

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens have an elegant, formal look characteristic of European and American homes of previous centuries. The large long island seated in center of this kitchen boldly defines the traditional accent of the room

Incredible Custom Kitchen Designs

Luxury home with open living space and incredible custom kitchen design opening to dining area! The kitchen features white walls, cabinets and island. The cone pedantic light fixtures further accent the kitchen

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

Crisp white kitchen with white walls, ceiling and cabinets! The white custom kitchen island at the center of the kitchen helps to draw the eye down to the wooden floor that balances out the feel of the entire space

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Traditional style lends itself to more than a rural landscape. This traditional kitchen design with its dining area and the central island use medium brown wood. The real eye catcher is the second mid–sized white island with black granite countertop that further accents the traditional feel of the room

Traditional Cottage Kitchen Design

Cottage kitchen design styles have always stood the test of time. This traditional cottage kitchen design blends modern and traditional elements to bring the classic look to life in this room

Small Kitchen Designs With Islands

The kitchen island in this small kitchen design with island was designed to include a breakfast section that helps divide attention between the cooking area and the island. A line of beautiful barstools provides seating for friends, family, and guests

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small space does not have to limit you to small options. In this small kitchen design idea, high cabinets are a perfect place to keep rarely used kitchenalia. The white windows enhance brightness in the space

Rustic Kitchen Designs

The classic pendant fixtures in this rustic kitchen design hang above a traditional island, and breakfast areas add an antique look and enhance the rustic feel to the space

Rectangular Kitchen Designs

In this rectangular kitchen design, dark wood cabinets are paired with marble countertops to give the space a modern look. Large stainless steel appliances and light tiled flooring further accent the feel of the kitchen

Popular Kitchen Designs

The white subway tile backsplash in this popular kitchen design is fabulous but then it is flanked with a splash of dark wood. The highlight here is the stainless steel appliances that divide the lower cabinets which is a really nice touch

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Give new life to your backyard barbecues this summer with outdoor kitchen decorating ideas. Marble countertops and stainless steel appliances give this outdoor kitchen idea a modern feel. Herb garden fill with trees and flowers give the space a natural feel

Natural Light White Kitchen

Crisp white lower cabinets in this natural light white kitchen help to draw the eye down and toward the unique brown tile flooring. Two large windows also help to reflect natural light to keep the space bright

Modern Small Kitchen Designs Modify Your Space

Unique modern small kitchen design in a natural wood and black cabinet! The black industrial–style hanging lamps bring together the look while the light wood floors carry the modern feel to the flooring

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

It is easy to come up with a common combinations of white and black when planning a modern kitchen design, but do dare to dream of the unexpected. The backlit blue luminous backsplash keeps the focus on the elegance of the black cabinets and countertops

Modern Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

The invested details in this room personalize the grandeur and otherwise create a comfortable kitchen space. Dark wood island with sink adds a natural touch in contrast to the light wood modern industrial kitchen cabinets

Mediterranean Kitchens

Mid–sized mediterranean kitchen idea with dark tone wood cabinets and countertops, undermount sink, beige backsplash, medium tone hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and vintage pendant light in the center of the room

Massive Custom Kitchen Designs

Stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops provide a definitive contrast in this massive custom kitchen design. The fine wood flooring draws eye to the expansive space available in the kitchen

Luxury Kitchen Designs

This luxury kitchen design is an absolute dream, with spiral designs and ornate details throughout. The rich combination of medium brown with blue–black marble countertops gives a calm contrast unlike white and black

Light Wood Kitchen Designs

White, as the design scheme always gives freshness and new appearance. The ceiling tall window in this light wood kitchen design keeps light pouring through whole space. The wide wood flooring doesn’t distract from the added detail

L Shaped Kitchens

White L–shaped kitchen with fine wood white island and three contrasting black barstools. The white glass orb pendant lightings bring brightness to the work area and the flower vase on the countertop adds a little pops of color

Kitchens Without Windows

Make food prepping practically effortless with a modern kitchen design which tucks away natural air and lighting. This kitchen without window features two elegant pendant lighting and recessed lighting to ensure clear cuts and accurate measurements

Kitchens With Windows

There is no rule of thumb to how a kitchen has to look. Most kitchens these days are dark because of the wall on each side. This particular kitchen with windows is much brighter with windows on one side

Kitchens With Two Islands

This kitchen with two islands brings in the stylings of a class with contemporary conveniences for an effortless function and luxurious look. Two luxurious chandeliers centered on each of the two islands balance the glowing tones of the flooring

Kitchens With Skylights

Three mid–sized windows let in natural light into this white kitchen with skylights and upon the granite countertop. The prominent skylights allow in that lovely light from above

Kitchens With Island Stoves

Farmhouse style structure kitchen with island stove brings to mind the generous portions of comfort meal enjoyed with family and loved ones. A large island with breakfast bar is well seated at the center of the kitchen

Kitchens With Fireplace

Lots of precious memories are created in the kitchen. This vintage kitchen with fireplace combines traditional aesthetic with the familiar feel of exposed bricks and worn wood with modern conveniences

Kitchens With Double Wall Ovens

An elegant kitchen with double well ovens! The backsplash blends perfectly with hue of the floor tile as the medium brown cabinets and stainless steel appliances accent the bright feel of the kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Wood Floors

Here is a kitchen with dark wood floors. It features a decently sized island which does not hinder side–to–side movement, and a mini–dining that otherwise adds glamour to the entire space

Kitchens With Breakfast Bar

A modern kitchen with a stylish breakfast bar at the center! It is designed not just with enough prep area on one side, but it also accommodates four barstools which is a real luxury

Kitchens With Arches

The different tones of wood in this multi–colored wood kitchen with arches provide industrial contrast at first sight. The granite countertops mesh perfectly with the rest of the kitchen as the dark wood arch and cabinet accent the entire feel

Kitchens White Cabinets Dark Granite

Multi–hued floor tile echoes the warmth and color of this modern kitchen. The custom oak cabinet and dark granite countertops contrast the white cabinets and island with a large sink. The backsplash and the vintage barstools are the main eye–catchers

Kitchens White Cabinets And Islands

Classic design fixtures were preserved in this white kitchen such as the ceiling–to–floor white cabinets and island, dark countertop and the vintage cooktop. To spice things up, stainless steel appliances were added

Kitchens Vaulted Ceilings

A large white kitchen in luxury home! It features a central island with sink, dark wood floors, white cabinet thus creating contrasting color scheme between the white kitchen design and the floor. The elevated white–vaulted ceiling adds to the design

Kitchens Stainless Steel

Nowadays, stainless steel has become prominent material in most modern kitchens designs. Stainless steel sinks, cabinets and appliances are often the desired fixtures of modern kitchens and they really blend well with this kitchen look

Kitchens Red Cabinets

Bright shades are extending their acceptability to the indoor. As seen here, using red color on the cabinets and island adds a wonderful new dynamic to this kitchen space, especially against the white background

Kitchens Island Sinks

Unlike the regular kitchen islands host in many modern kitchens, the box shape of this island is not just unique, the incorporation of a sink, eat–in kitchen and storage space ensure that it serves a functional purpose

Kitchens Dining Tables

The stark white kitchen dining table go perfectly well with the entirety of the bright room. The white chairs mesh well with the dining table, kitchen cabinets as well as the white appliances

Kitchens Ceiling Fans

The kitchen ceiling fan accents the warm brown tones of the room perfectly and adds to the natural look brought to the room by the cabinets and in–kitchen portion of the island

Kitchens Black Cabinets

To balance out the use of black kitchen cabinets and island that actually look gorgeous, light marble countertops, walls, and floor were necessary to keep the space from feeling too enclosed and dark

Kitchens Black Appliances

The matte black appliances in this bright kitchen contrast with the beautiful medium–toned brown cabinets and light floors. The glass block construction within the kitchen island draws attention to the island

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The crystalline pendant lighting fixtures bring attention to the brick–shaped white walls and backsplash as well as the glass rack above the functional countertop. The crisp white lower cabinets further accent the entirety feel of the space

Kitchen Light And Honey Wood Floor

The exquisite light wood in this kitchen makes the space feel open and incredibly bright. The singular tone covers everything from the flooring on up, punctuated by dark marble countertops and stainless steel appliances

Kitchen Islands

The sweet chocolate brown of the kitchen island top and window frame makes a stark contrast to the slick frosting texture of the gray kitchen island base, cabinets, and backsplash. The cork–like color and grain of the stool chairs accent the space and add a touch of rawness

Kitchen Islands Wine Rack

This is another luxurious modern kitchen, bold and bright with light marble flooring and cream walls. The rich, cherry dark wood island at the center of the kitchen houses a large wine rack and is covered by a black and white granite countertop

Kitchen Islands Chairs

White and black are clearly the ruling colors of this modern kitchen space. Smooth surfaces run on marble countertops and the texture even flows to the dark hardwood flooring fixture. The black kitchen island chairs carry the modern feel to the seating options

Kitchen Design Tips By Top Designers

The smooth, clean white surface of this contemporary kitchen design is offset by the dark wood flooring fixtures. A two–tiered modern kitchen island features built–in cabinets to ensure efficient use of the space

Kitchen Design Decor Ideas Photos

This big luxury kitchen with island features stainless steel appliances, tile flooring that looks like a brick patio and geometric–pattern backsplash

Kitchen Dark Cabinet Dark Granite

A minimalist country kitchen in luxury home that features dark cabinets with dark granite countertops! The light floor and white ceiling create contrasting color scheme to balance out the look of the kitchen

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

This galley kitchen design idea features a flower vase meticulously place on the countertop to add a hint of color to the otherwise white and natural wood kitchen

G Shaped Kitchens

G–shaped kitchen design with stained dark wood ceiling and cabinets, porcelain tile flooring, and bowls of fruits strategically placed on the lower cabinets. The gorgeous pool view is enhanced by the full wide windows

Eclectic Mix Custom Kitchen Designs

With a dark stained wood structure and dark marble countertop, this magnificent two–tiered island grants a burst of contrast to the eclectic mix custom kitchen design. The crisp white cabinets and stainless steel appliances further accent the already extraordinary space

Decorative Ceiling Tiles For Kitchens

Great looking kitchen in black and white enhanced with textured decorative ceiling tiles for kitchens. The ceiling however turns an already great room into a very special design

Country Kitchen Designs

While they have been used in design for years, brick shapes have come in and out of fashion. With modern country kitchen designs, they are certainly back in. The bright ambiance of this space is enhanced by the use of brick shapes of the floor in slightly muted tones

Cottage Kitchens

Picture this cottage kitchen space without its black, silver and brown accents then you can appreciate how the simple addition of bold accents has transformed the feel of this space from basic to daring

Contemporary Wood Kitchens

A black granite countertop and well–placed modern pendant light fixtures as well as the rustic bar stool chairs serve to give this contemporary wood kitchen space more personality

Bright Kitchens Top Designers

The red wood island base at the center of this bright kitchen space tones down the divisiveness of the pop of colors in the room to help them get along. The elegant brown lightning fixtures at the ceiling add to the seductive nature of the space

Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Budget friendly kitchen remodeling ideas can take a basic minimalist space and enhance it by the addition of simple elements. White brick–shaped backsplash in between the light brown upper and dark brown lower cabinets in an otherwise dark space balances out the look in this kitchen

Striking Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Striking white–and–gray patterned tiles adorn the kitchen backsplash and walls of this small kitchen. The openness of the space lends itself to the stunning look as the pattern could sometimes become overwhelming in a small space

Small Kitchen Islands On Wheels

The four 3” caster wheels of this portable small kitchen island on wheels make it easy to move around in the kitchen or to the dining area as a side table. The island comes with drawers for additional storage

Walk In Kitchen Pantry Designs

One major benefit of a walk–in pantry is having all your groceries well organized in a not–too far handy distance behind a closed door. This walk–in kitchen pantry tucks away behind a dark wood cupboard into the design

Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs

Large open ultra modern kitchen design here sits on stunning dark tile flooring, with light grey cabinets and aluminum appliances. The wide ceiling–to–floor opening on one side of the kitchen offers natural view and enhances brightness in the otherwise dark space

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