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Welcome to our gallery featuring more than 124 living room ideas and designs.

Modern living room design decor ideas

Modern and spacious living room with light wood flooring, cozy light gray couch and a central wall that does not connect to the white ceiling . Beautiful large windows that let natural light inside.

The living room is the place where you can leave, through the chosen pieces of design, your signature and personality. Sometimes the living room can used without a television or another media device, where you can receive in a more formal manner your guests. In articles in this category you will find examples of interior design for living or dining rooms, creative interior design ideas for living.

Some say that the living room is the most important room in the house. You will stay with your family and discuss all that had happened during the day! And as in all other cases, you have to reinvent your personality consistent, it feels like a part of your lives there every second. When you think about redecorating the living room, you should be aware of the activities that every family member undertakes. For example, if one is passionate about gaming console a big TV is a must.

To have a modern living we recommend looking furniture items, specialty at stores that have a wide range of products and ideas for combining different pieces of furniture. One of the most important element of decoration is light. At daytime is good to have plenty of natural light, use curtains and draperies in pale colors and neutral. At night the whole atmosphere will be created by lighting systems. For example the lighting spots or light intensity adjustment systems are best suited to the living room. If you want to watch a movie and don’t want the room to be in complete darkness, these are best suited.


The piece de resistance in the living room is in our opinion the couch. It is the most important and most used in this room. Here you talk with your family, call your friends or even fall asleep while watching TV. Its sufficient be roomy for five or six people, made from a wear-resistant material and have a color to set it apart from the rest of the room. Besides, you can take two sofa chairs, evident from the same material and in tune with it.

Now we leave in the company of inspirational photos which attracted our attention and we hope that those will be of use when you decide to make a change in your living room.

Luxurious Cozy Living Rooms

Luxurious cozy living rooms design ideas with beautiful view overlooking the mountains. This cottage has an unique design with wooden walls and metallic tea table.

Living Rooms with Skylights

Living rooms with skylights – this room has an unique design in that it allow the Sun light to enter form the ceiling. Also a nice looking fireplace and a simple light wood flooring.

Living Rooms with Sectional Sofas

Living rooms with sectional sofas design – A cozy apartment living room with plenty of decorations and an L shaped sofa, light colored patterned rug.

Living Rooms with Ottoman Coffee Table

Living rooms with ottoman coffee table design. This room as great view overlooking the deck. Two white sofas and in the middle a small rectangular coffee table.

Living Rooms with Hardwood Floors

Luxurious living rooms with hardwood floors design ideas. Shiny and polished hardwood flooring in contrast with the beige mat walls and ceiling.

Living Rooms with Fireplaces

Living rooms with fireplaces. This exclusive room has a sloped ceiling, two leather sofas and a massive tea table filled with metal ornaments.

Living Rooms with End Tables

Living rooms with end tables – An overview of a room with small balcony and plenty of windows. In the center there is a cow rug and a small ottoman with floral patterns.

Living Room Design Ideas with White Curtain

Living room design ideas with white curtain and beige drapes, in contrast with violet chairs and violet pillows. Also the chandelier has violet insertions.

Living Rooms with Cathedral Ceilings

Living rooms with cathedral ceilings with a large and beautiful fireplace. The room has two magazine tables and a small ottoman. The chandeliers are metallic and have candle shaped lights.

Living Rooms with Area Rugs

Living rooms with area rugs inside a beautiful mountain cottage made out of stone and wood. Larges arches that are binding to the V shaped ceiling. Also three chairs and a large sofa.

Living Rooms White Furniture

Exclusive living rooms white furniture – A white mirror with white frame is on top of the dark blue fireplace. A white rug is covering the natural looking hardwood floor.

Living Rooms Tile Floors

Living rooms tile floors – In this section you will find great tile flooring ideas, multiple colors to chose from and different types of materials. In this case there are small squared granite red orange tiles.

Living Rooms Stone Fireplaces

Living rooms stone fireplaces with small entryway or mudroom. Interior staircase that leads to the second floor. Also dark wood insertions on the hardwood flooring.

Living Rooms Light Wood Floors

A new approach to home design is: living rooms light wood floors – with light blue walls and bricked wall with large windows.

Living Rooms Leather Furniture

Living rooms leather furniture with violet wallpaper walls in contrast with the light colored floral patterned rug in the center of the room.

Living Rooms Kitchen Openings

Living rooms kitchen openings – This concept best suits a mountain cottage where everything is made out of wood. A great design that also incorporates a dining area.

Living Rooms Houseplants

Living rooms houseplants that adds a fresh new look to your house. Plenty of Sun shine that enters the room trough that large glass windows.

Living Rooms Exposed Brick

A very interesting concept – living rooms exposed brick that adds a plus of character to the overall room. A very simple design with a multi color randomly aligned orange bricks.

Living Rooms Exposed Beams

Living rooms exposed beams – great for visual effect. The white beams are the same the V shaped ceiling and in contrast with the dark mat finished wood flooring.

Living Rooms Dark Wood Floors

Living rooms dark wood floors that is in contrast with the white walls an ceiling.

Living Rooms Chaise Lounges

Beautiful living rooms chaise lounges with tow pieces that are very stylish. A white fireplace and large floral patterned ottoman.

Living Rooms Ceiling Fans

Living rooms ceiling fans made out of dark wood. A classical bland of white and black furniture sets with a central magazine table and withe rug that covers the tile like flooring.

Living Rooms Brick Walls

Living rooms brick walls – a great way to splash some color design on the house’s interior walls. A retro look inspired form the 80′. Modern approach to a old fashioned set of furniture.

Living Rooms Antiques

Living rooms antiques design and ideas. With a beautiful design, this rustic living area attracts the viewer with simplicity and with its heavy sculpted furniture.

Living Rooms Accent Walls

Living rooms accent walls – a superb orange brick wall with orange like wooden flooring in contrast white furniture sets and white ceiling.

Living Room White Furniture

Living room white furniture that has bright white lights, white couch and white walls and decorations.

Living Room Wall Ideas

Living room wall ideas with a superb square patterned white tile wall, large windows and white an black furniture designs.

Living Room Wall Decor

Living room wall decor with three small squared paintings and a large ornament. A small lathered tea table with a lathered chair in contrast with the white couch.

Living Room Themes

Luxurious living room themes with light blue rug on the floor, blue patterned chair design and a turquoise wall and two pillows. Also a kitchen area with white furniture.

Living Room Styles

Unique living room styles that has a wooden and bricks fireplace, two legged metallic beige chairs, and a white couch with multi color pillows to inspire you.

Living Room Storage

Living room storage ideas with wood insertions and wooden shelves and drawers. Large L shaped sofa with a stylish but small coffee table.

living room sofas

Elegant leather living room sofas with brown pillows and brown drapes and flooring. In contrast with floral pattern rug and light color walls.

Living Room Shelving

Living room shelving – Great storage ideas with dark wooden shelves that can accommodate vase with plants, books, candles and other ornaments.

Living Room Ottomans

Living room ottomans, that can accommodate a flower vase, it’s made out of beige leather and has four legs with a special storage under it.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Welcome to the living room lighting ideas section where you can find lighting decoration like this beautiful hidden light spots placed into the ceiling, also spots that are visible project the light over the white furniture.

Living Room Interior Design

Living room interior design with modern furniture and white walls, beige carpet and wall made of glass.

Living Room Flooring Ideas

Great living room flooring ideas for apartment or house, mansion or condo. Natural looking polished wood with wooden staircase and white walls.

Living Room Designs Worldwide Contemporary

Huge elegant living room designs worldwide contemporary with a central brick made fireplace. Also large windows and a dark wood flooring.

Living Room Designs with Beautiful Woodwork

Living room designs with beautiful woodwork wall and with interior staircase, A huge TV on top of the small fireplace. Beige wallpaper walls and dark color l shaped sofa.

Living Room Decor Ideas

Living room decor ideas for an extraordinary house. Large double doors that let the natural light inside, a modern chandelier and light spots in the ceiling and a big rounded mirror on top of the white fireplace.

Living Room Colors

Earth tone living room colors. As you can see there are a couple of predominant colors like earth brown furniture and coffee table, dark green chairs and tow earth tone stripes painting hanging on the wall.

Living Room Color Scheme Ideas

Living room color scheme ideas – dark yellow wall painted, with dark granite tile flooring, in the center of the room there is a small table with a couple of home decor magazine.

Living Room Chairs

Comfortable living room chairs that fit great accompanied by a two set sofa, one oval dark wood small tea table with glass top, red brick wall and large light drapes.

Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Living room ceiling ideas with many light spots that are hidden and only illuminates the ceiling and the walls. in the center of the ceiling there is a chandelier and also a golden wallpaper on the wall.

Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

Living room accent wall ideas, light leather sofa with a central fireplace made of brown marble, tow blue comfortable chairs, and a circular multi color tea table.

Light Spacious Living Rooms

Light spacious living rooms with a precise attention to details, a wall made out of glass, tow large sofas and a yellow chair.

Incredible Living Rooms

Incredible living rooms with tall ceiling, large and beautiful chandelier, two white construction pillars with classic ornaments, two golden sofas and tall golden drapes.

Grand Living Rooms

Grand living rooms suitable for a palace. This room also incorporates a dining area with eight seats. Four chandeliers hang above the luxurious living room. White and brown marble also large arches that have windows.

Formal Living Room Earth Tones

Formal living room earth tones with long and thin drapes, earth tone walls, and green plants. Also bamboo sticks as decoration ideas.

Extravagant Living Rooms

Extravagant living room ideas and decor, large living room with dark wood arches and red sofas with a large TV integrated into the wooden wall.

Elegant Living Rooms

Elegant living rooms with natural green tone design with plants in every corner, white fireplace and carpet, dark wood furniture.

Craftsman Living Family Rooms

Beautiful craftsman living family rooms ideas and design. Corner fireplace made of bricks and light wood furniture.

Cozy Living Room Designs

Rustic and cozy living room designs with many wall mirrors and white furniture. White coffee table and white fabric covers the chairs and sofa.

Country Living Rooms

Country living rooms – Beautiful room with sloped ceiling, white walls and sofa in contrast with dark leather coffee table and dark polished flooring. Also a black fireplace is placed.

Cottage Living Rooms

Cottage living rooms with beautiful stone fireplace with natural wooden floor beige furniture and big three double doors with glasses overlooking the large balcony with tow deck sofas.

Contemporary Living Room Design Tips

Contemporary living room design tips – Find the latest tips and tricks and also the latest trends in home decoration.

Comfortable Living Room Sofas

Comfortable living room sofas – a complete guide where you can find the most comfortable sofas for your living room and where to buy them.

Comfortable Living Room Chairs

Comfortable living room chairs – the complete guide on how o chose the most comfortable chairs for your living room.

Celebrity Living Rooms

Celebrity living rooms – find out mode about the houses that celebrities live in.

Beautiful Living Room Designs

Beautiful living room designs with white furniture and blue coffee table. Tho white sofas and two chairs made of dark wood. Also made white drapes, large windows and doors made of glass.

Attic Living Room Ideas

Attic living room ideas with dark furniture with a large light beige wooden coffee table and a small table. Also sloped ceiling with plants added for contrast and that blend with green wallpaper wall.

Asian Living Rooms

Asian living rooms with for construction pillars, sloped ceiling, white L shaped sofa with multiple red pillows. In the center there is a Buddha statue. Small light spots that light up the ceiling.

Zebra Living Room Decor Idea

Zebra living room decor idea with chairs covered in zebra style fabric, zebra ornaments, black carpet over the dark brown floor, long and wide white drape, and a pillow with zebra motif.

Traditional Living Room Ideas

Traditional living room ideas with two gray sofas large white frames windows, dark long and narrow drapes and wooden coffee table in the middle of the room.

Tan Brown Peat Living Room

Tan brown peat living room – Earth tone inspired living room with two brown leather couches and two brown benches, dark beige carpet and walls. Also plants are added in the corner and on the coffee table.

Small Living Room Ideas

Small living room ideas with turquoise walls with three tall mirrors and a large white sofa with two chairs. Also a white fireplace with a coffee table made of glass.

Shabby Chic Living Rooms

Shabby chic living rooms with white walls, white sofa, white coffee table and sloped ceiling. The room has a cozy design with with rustic accents. It has two large double doors that lead to the green garden.

Rustic Living Rooms

Rustic living rooms with turquoise sofas with red pillows, dark granite fireplace and sloped ceiling with light spots. A multi floral carpet with an oval wooden table coffee.

Outstanding Living Room Top Designers

Outstanding living room top designers that was a meeting table with six meeting chairs, one white sofa made out of leather and a big white library. The floor and ceiling are made of white square tiles.

Orange Living Room Ideas

Orange living room ideas with orange walls, orange sofas, orange lamps and round coffee table. In contrast with the white relaxation chairs and white ceiling.

Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern living room ideas with zebra motif carpet, large coffee table and wall made out of beige marble .Also the sofa is beige in contrast with the black furniture.

Modern Living Room Designs

Modern living room designs with fireplace made out of bricks and integrated TV into the bricked wall. Large glass wall and tow sofas with multi floral pillows.

Mediterranean Living Rooms

Stylish Mediterranean living room decor with red sofa , natural green tone walls, sloped ceiling with a chandelier and light spots. Also natural plants inside and outside.

Mansion Living Rooms

Mansion living room with red L shaped sofa , a fireplace and large windows that let the natural come in. This living room also has a bar and an interior stairs that go to the second floor.

Luxurious Living Rooms Top Designers

Luxurious living rooms top designers with beige wallpaper walls, two tall mirrors with golden frames, three elegant sofas and a nice tea and coffee table in the center of the room.


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