10 One-Story House Designs – Modern Facade Models and Plans Ideas

We completed a list of 10 beautiful designed one-story houses made out of different construction materials applied in their structures and façade and also in the interior finishes. Each housing model seeks to inspire you to achieve your dream design.

Ten one-story house models with facade and plans

1. The main facade combines a large front frame with wooden details and hipped roofs with flat tiles.

single-story modern house design

single-story modern house design – Facade of the house (Design: Carlisle Homes)

modern house floor plan

modern house floor plan – The layout of the house (Design: Carlisle Homes)

To view the complete project of Carliste Homes please visit Design of modern house of a plant with interior decoration.

2. The exterior looks simple with stone decorations. The windows have been oriented towards a beautiful interior garden, also it has an “L” shaped plan.

modern stone house facade

Modern stone house facade – Facade of the house (Design: Augusto Quijano Arquitectos)

L-shaped floor house plans

L-shaped floor house plans – Plan in the shape of “L” (Design: Augusto Quijano Arquitectos)

To learn more about the rustic stone applied in facade and exterior of the house, please go to Design of modern house.

3. House design where polished concrete, metal, and wood have been applied in a balanced way to achieve a great result.

One-story L-shaped house

One-story L-shaped house – Wood, concrete, and metal have been applied to the facade (Resolution: 4 Architecture)

Floor plan of an L-shaped floor

Floor plan of an L-shaped house- Plans for the house (Resolution: 4 Architecture)

For more details of the Resolution 4 Architecture project, please visit: One-story L-shaped house

4. A house that can be built in a few days thanks to modules, can also be expanded according to family size.

Facade of one-story house

Facade of one-story house – Main facade of the house (Design: Blu Homes)

Floor plan of a t-shaped floor

Floor plan of a t-shaped floor – Plan of the house (Plans: Blu Homes)

For more details of the project please enter: Design of a T-shaped house

5. In the following model, we find almost all the design elements and construction materials of a modern house.

House design plan

House design plan – Front facade of the house (Design: Rawson Homes)

Floor plan of a house

Floor plan of a house –  (Design: Rawson Homes)

Modern house  design that you’ll be inspiring: 5 one-story houses models

6. When there is a little space, we can still design a beautiful house open to the outside world and very naturally illuminated.

Small plan House facade

Small plan House facade – Small house facade with one floor (Design: Ana Paula Barros)

Floor plan of a small house

Floor plan of the house (Design: Ana Paula Barros)

With large windows that allows obtaining an excellent interior lighting and great visuals. If you want to know a little more about this project to go to Small house plan design with great interiors.

7. If you are looking for a house where each design element and decoration invite you to peace and tranquility the following model can inspire you:

oriental style house facade

Oriental style house facade – Main facade of the house (The Azumi House by Webb & Brown-Neaves)

House floor plan design idea

House floor plan design idea – Plan (The Azumi House by Webb & Brown-Neaves)

To know more about Japanese style gardens and the house decoration in general visit: Design Houses design with oriental style floor.

8. If you have a long and narrow terrain you should do the linear circulations always maintaining the orientation of the windows towards the best landscape. If  we add a bold and contemporary design, we will obtain a design that resembles the following project:

House plan front facade

House plan front facade – Moderate house facade (Design: Robinson Architects)

elongated house floor plan

elongated house floor plan – Plan of the house (Design: Robinson Architects)

To know details of this project and see all the angles of the facade design, please visit A modern one-story house design on a long plot.

9. If you want your house to look large despite the little land available, you can use some of the resources of the following design:

Small wooden house design

Small wooden house design – The terrace has been virtually closed (for protection of the sun and wind) with wooden rods that we see applied throughout the facade which allows an effect of amplitude to the house (Bluff UT (University of Colorado-Denver)

Plan of small house of an apartment

Plan of the house – Bluff UT (University of Colorado-Denver)

Check the complete project from the Modern wooden facade and one-story house plans.

10. And finally we are going to review a model of a one-story house, where construction materials and finishes are applied as bright metal plates that are developed in an irregular area, let’s see the result:

metal floor house facade

Metal floor house facade – Bright facade of the one-story house (Design: JVA)

irregular terrain house floor plan

Irregular terrain house floor plan – Plan of the house (Design: JVA)

Get to know the details of this project by visiting: Modern one-story house with a facade of shiny metal plates where interior decoration has also been included.