Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design [Photos]

In this article, we are going to see simple kitchen designs with minimalist influences. The images have been selected in such a way that both the furniture, the bakers the walls, floors and as well as the ceilings are shaped in simple forms. To

Interior Lighting Design for Modern Kitchens (Photos)

Lighting is one of the most important parts of the design of a kitchen. In order to achieve a great aesthetic design, you must use correctly the two types of lighting that exist, natural and artificial light. Natural light is achieved through windows and

Creating Contrast in Kitchen Design

In this article we are going to view how making simple changes in the kitchen can result in a new and improved design, kitchens with contrast are the best example of what you can get if you know how to combine colors and materials

Modern Kitchen Design with Pop Art Style

Let’s see some kitchens designs that have the common denominator that is inspired by pop art. An artistic current where bright colors are combined in both the furniture and the walls and ceilings to achieve a retro result but in modern kitchens. Modern kitchen

Modern Kitchens With Floating Islands Design

After our post titled 40 designs of kitchen islands, we created a continuation of that article, but with the variant of having the islands or countertops that seem to float improving the functionality in some cases and being visually more attractive, let’s see: Kitchen