Best Apps for Architects and Designers (Android and iOS)

Once the home improvement industry evolved, the need for highly sophisticated and precision based apps for architects and designers also emerged. That’s why in this article we created a list of the best 5 mobile apps to install on the Android tablets and smartphones

Top Free Online Software for Home Designing

In this selection of free online applications that you can use to design your dream house, you will learn how to create projects/plans for your home without the need of being an expert in design or to spend a fortune in courses or programs.

Home Decor – MENU

Find inspiration right now by browsing our home decor articles. Many times we think of decorating our room in very elaborate ways, but we do not realize that, in reality, we do not need much to beautify the design of our space. With simple

+25 Golf Backyard Putting Green Ideas

Welcome to our gallery featuring +25 golf backyard putting green ideas. The many cacti and palm tree species in the backyard of this large backyard putting green next to patio makes it somewhat evident that the layout design is set in a relatively dry