Small and Medium Bathroom Designs – Ideas, Photos, and Tips

In this article, we shall see how to maximize the design spaces in a bathroom with small dimensions. The useful tips and photos can inspire us to make small changes to your bathroom or project underway that will surely improve the overall appearance of the bathroom and its functionality, let’s begin:

Linear design of a bathroom
Linear design of a bathroom

Tips to improve the design of small bathroom:

Use light colors in the tiles or ceramics, even in the areas where the paint goes as the ceiling. This is an old trick but it always works to give amplitude to space and more, when it comes to areas as small as the bathroom.

If you put items such as the sink, toilet, and shower along with a wall you can save some money in sanitary ware.

Do you want a well-lit bathroom? Although now there is a tendency to make larger windows, in small bathrooms the most recommended to use a small one. This will allow you to place more elements inside the wall. The lighting can be solved with spotlights or fluorescent (daylight) with more power watts.

If your bathroom is too small, do not try to buy large toilets, even though you liked them a lot, it is better to sacrifice this element for functionality.

Preferably choose two colors in ceramics or have gradients in shades of a single color, the design of the small bathroom forces to be also minimalist.

An ideal place to store your towels and other bathroom products are under the sink. In the photos that we publish below, we show you different designs.

Do not oversize the small bathroom door, a standard size is 2.2 feet wide.If it is larger, you must take into account the turning radius because it can hit the toilet and ruin the good design of the bathroom.

Transparent tempered glass doors for the shower or tub, give amplitude to the bathroom.

The white sanitary ware never went out of style combined with a good color of ceramics on floors and walls.

If the small window of the bathroom does not allow to extract the odors and the humidity, you can install a bath vent. These are economical and can help you to save in the repair the damage caused by the humidity to the walls, and eliminate odors quickly.

Bathroom design in different models:

Bathroom design that takes advantage of open spaces
Bathroom design that takes advantage of open spaces – In this small bathroom design, partitions have been added in free areas of the wall, and they are properly integrated with the material used, the wood.
A small elegant bathroom
A small elegant bathroom – Under this sink, a wooden structure has been added to store the towels
Bathroom design with openwork walls
Bathroom design with openwork walls – This bathroom design allows you to add decorative elements to the openwork walls
Linear bathroom design
Linear bathroom design – The sink, toilet, and shower are on the same wall as we discussed in the tip number 2, this saves space on the sanitary ware.
Dark ceramic toilet decor
Dark ceramic toilet decor – While the design of this small bathroom did not use the light colors in the ceramics, it was contrasted with the white color of the toilets and the white door. The translucent tempered glass also helped to give it height.
small bathroom decor in black and white
Small bathroom decor in black and white – Vertical dark and white lines on the wall and ceramic with black dots give a different style to this bathroom
classic bathroom design
classic bathroom design – The classic never goes out of fashion and this is demonstrated by this bathroom design. A raised floor with chrome-plated legs, as well as the faucets give an elegant touch to this small “big” bathroom.
Very small bathroom design
Very small bathroom design – When we have a very small space and little budget then it’s ideal is to know where to place each element to maximize the space.
Square bathroom design ideas
Square bathroom design ideas – Design of a square bathroom, slots have been left in the wall to add partitions and also be able to place decorative elements
White and gray stripes in this bathroom design
White and gray stripes in this bathroom design – A large mirror cabinet over the sink and toilet, allow to store a lot of bathroom elements, also has a closet or raised shelf under the sink for a proper cleaning of the floor.
Cream color bathroom design
Cream color bathroom design – Making the most of the space in a very small bathroom, with partitions under the sink and on the toilet.
bathroom with openwork walls design
bathroom with openwork walls design – This small bathroom is an example of how the perforated (hollow) walls can give us spaces to store both products and decorative elements without spoiling the spaces. (Photo)

With all these elements for a correct bathroom design in small spaces, you can start your project to remodel the one you have at home or start from scratch by making the plans online.

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