+25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Welcome to our gallery featuring more than 25 small kitchen ideas and designs.

small luxury kitchen black cabinets granite design

The need for small kitchen design ideas does not really mean that your kitchen space has to be a disappointment. This kitchen with small luxury kitchen black cabinets granite design is fitted with an interesting black theme. The cabinets in a black satin finish have molding details with stainless steel hardware, and the countertop is made from blue pearl granite.

Having a big kitchen equipped with contemporary kitchen appliances and equipment is the dream of everyone. A huge kitchen offers more than enough space to carry out cooking activities and keep cooking utensils and kitchen equipment. However, not every home is built with a big kitchen space in them. A lot of modern homes are equipped very small kitchen design.

As a matter of fact, small kitchen design layouts provide an amazing ground for modern interior designers to flex their creative muscles. With small kitchen ideas on a budget, creativity is abounded and it is what is required to make the most of the available space. To make your small contemporary kitchen stand out, here are a couple of simple kitchen designs tips to help you maximize the available space efficiently;

Kitchen Island

If less room is available for you to move around in your kitchen, then you might want to be sure that you are actually making the most of your kitchen’s capacity to hold equipment and appliances that belong there. Nothing is as frustrating as having limited storage and movement space in the kitchen. Therefore, it is very crucial to create enough space for keeping items that are not in use irrespective of the kitchen design style you choose.

To help create space in your kitchen, you might want to incorporate a functional kitchen island capable of both use and storage as the centrepiece of your kitchen. From chopping of onions, to grilling, and meal preparation from the oven, a kitchen island is a multi–functional piece that combines utility with style that can leave you with fewer requirements on space.


Galley Up

As seen in many small kitchen design pictures modern, galley kitchen design idea is another great tool that is making the rounds in the kitchen design niche. The style highlights a critical small kitchen function that many householders master early. Lining up kitchen appliances and cabinets in hallway fashion offers the ability to do a lot more in a limited amount of space and short period of time. This concept also allows for the accomplishment of more tasks in a given location and time period.

Compact Appliances

The popular compact line of thinking –“being smaller does not necessarily mean that you are lesser”, has taken a strong hold on modern kitchen appliances. Modern day manufacturers are now aware of the importance of having enough movement space in the kitchen, hence the introduction of smart and functional kitchen appliances just so they enhance utility and comfort in the kitchen.

Combine Function

The concept of combine functions can help you transform your home as you make the most out of the space available to you. With drop tables, small tables, and barstools, you can extend this concept to your kitchen dining area. This will help you maximize the potentials of the two spaces as you spread out. If used well, drop tables, small tables, and barstools are fixtures that can transform your kitchen space from a mere food factory to a warm family center.

Neat Space

Nothing takes up a space like clutter. Minimal or no clutter will not only ensure easier navigation, but create a neater kitchen environment. Shelves and cabinets are not just storage fixtures, if made clean and neat, they are attractive appeals that lend atmosphere and character. Open shelves without glass face or wooden doors can create the perception of depth and the illusion of more room.

Cabinet Creativity

This is the part that most interest the DIYers who have got their inclination towards perfection and creativity. Usually a kitchen cabinet will come with a door opening on one side. You can get more creative with this to experience a booming sense of functionality and elegance. A full out trolleys underneath the countertop will help keep the most needed items such as cutting boards, saucers, spoons, cups, plates, and the like. This will make reaching them more efficient and stress–free since trolleys only require slight pull to close or open.

Unfortunately, just as the size of every kitchen space is fixed, so is their space layout, such that it cannot be increased unless the room is extended physically. In fact, some kitchens are designed with preference for appearance over functionality. This way, it will take a skilled, top designer to incorporate the two aspects to create a functional and beautiful space. With this in mind, the small kitchen designs photo gallery below has been created to showcase small kitchen design images with varieties of small kitchen design ideals to provide you with some helpful tips and hints on how to make the most of your available kitchen space.

white small size kitchen island bar stools

As well as its choice of colors and finishes, the raw and industrial appeal of this white small size kitchen with island barstools brings forth its charm. It incorporates light cream colored cabinets topped with matching cream granite countertop

Small U Shaped Modern Kitchen Design

While the ceiling and walls of this small u shaped modern kitchen design are painted in white paint, the floor is made bold with very bold rosewood flooring. The look is kept clean and simple with white subway tiles and grout backsplash

Small Modern Kitchen Design

This small modern kitchen design uses a simple l–shape layout with refreshingly light yellow walls and crisp white ceiling to help make the space seem bigger. The kitchen features dark wood cabinets with low–profile stainless steel appliances

Small Modern Kitchen Black And White Theme

The small modern kitchen black and white theme of this kitchen alongside its minimalist design approach helps keep the clutter at the minimum as the white porcelain tiles reflect light to brighten the entire space

Small Kitchen With Island

This small kitchen with island features a pair of metal barstools to help create a spot for eat–in dining. The kitchen leverages on the large pictures windows and a pair of pendant lamps for natural light and additional illumination

small kitchen stone granite island

This kitchen gives the impression of a brighter version of an old palace’s basement with a more welcoming feel. It features a small kitchen stone granite island and countertops cover in gorgeous slabs of beach white granite

Small Kitchen Red Black White Color Design

The first element that captures attention in this small kitchen red black white color design is its red walls that beautifully harmonize the rest of the lighter–colored elements. The clean look of the countertop is strongly emphasized by its white solid–surface

Small Kitchen Modern Style Glass Wood Cabinets

With appliances in their low–profile stainless steel units, this kitchen incorporates small kitchen modern style glass wood cabinets that combine stained wood materials with frosted glass doors and stainless steel framing to enhance the elegance and minimalist look of the space

Small Kitchen Modern Home White Cabinets Black Backsplash

The defining feature of this small kitchen modern home white cabinets black backsplash is its beautiful combination of black solid surface and light walnut wood panel for its splashboard. The cabinets in white laminates are kept simple with stainless steel hardware

Small Green White Kitchen Design

This small green white kitchen design exhibits the charms of both classic and modern design styles. While it brings an overall classic feel to the space, the sage green walls help make the industrial white cabinets stand out

Small Galley Kitchen Design Granite Stainless Appliances

With its miniature nature, this small galley kitchen design granite stainless appliances is able to nicely fit a small bar ledge and a French door refrigerator into U–shaped design. The white color of the walls and backsplash help make the space appear bigger

Small Contemporary Kitchen

The beautiful color combination and finishes of this small contemporary kitchen design is easy on the eyes as it offers warmth, and a welcoming feeling. The design features solid hardwood floors in neutral shade that accent other wood elements in the space

Sleek White Small Kitchen Design

This sleek white small kitchen design is an epitome of clean, modern design. The design incorporates a warm gray and simple white palette with little ornamentation. It features a simple island bar counter with white solid–surface countertops and laminated cabinets

Modern Small Kitchen Black White

The focus of this modern small kitchen black white design is on its clean, traditional hues. The floor is covered with white porcelain tiles with black accent porcelain tiles underneath the bar counter. The walls and ceiling are also painted in white

Modern Kitchen Small Room

This modern kitchen small room adapts an off–white and wengue palette typical of a contemporary style kitchen. While the ceiling and walls are in plain white, the design uses white porcelain tiles flooring and white solid surface countertops

Modern Kitchen Design Small Space

This is another modern kitchen design small space that is able to make the most of its space. It combines light cream colored walls with cream ceramic floor tiles and white ceiling. The cabinet doors in laminated zebrawood are accessorized with continuous drawer handles

J Shaped Kitchen Small Design

The subdued shade of mustard yellow–orange used for the walls of this j–shaped kitchen small design nicely complements the bright maple wood flooring surface. The blue and orange ceramic tiles used for the backsplash further harmonize the warmth in the space

Black And White Small Kitchen Design

This black and white small kitchen design uses black galaxy solid–surface material for its countertop, backsplash, and sink that starkly contrast the white cabinets. The design also features a small breakfast counter which seamlessly blends with the countertop

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