23+ Stylish Loft Bedroom Ideas (Design Pictures) – What You Need To Know

With an increasing number of householders opting to improve their homes rather than relocate into new ones, stylish loft bedroom ideas are really becoming the way to go.

bedroom loft with large slanted wall of windows

With its conventional teenage retreat, this loft is a fabulous teen bedroom modern style. The space is equipped with steel shelves that provide extra storage space without compromising the design scheme

Well known for adding that extra little space to homes, loft conversion layout ideas are extremely versatile. From an extra bedroom, to a cozy lounge area, or even a private home office, loft conversion ideas stairs have the capabilities of being transformed into something of individual choice. Loft bedrooms are the perfect secret rooms of any home that often come with an element of surprise.

Although often lack in size, majority of loft bedrooms do not lack in extraordinary architecture that could be used to the householder’s advantage all through the design process. From loft bedroom ideas for adults, to small loft conversion ideas, or even low ceiling attic bedroom ideas, there is always aplenty world of interior design ideas open to loft conversion bedrooms. Like the regular master bedrooms, loft spaces can be stylish and inhabitable too. The interior can be delightfully designed to add a better wow factor to the space. With modern loft conversion ideas, this piece incorporates contemporary design ideas for loft spaces to help you in your loft conversion.

Styling and decorating a minimal space such as the loft, or small attic bedroom sloping ceilings can actually be fun. As a matter of fact, a loft bedroom can showcase an extensive range of chic design opportunities, thanks to its open space, immense architectural formation, and composition. These unbeatable qualities make an attic unique, fascinating, and interesting to design.

However, as a result of their unique layouts, planning and decorating the furniture layout of a loft space can sometimes create certain design challenges. But no troubles, this is where our assistance comes to the fore. This article is followed by an exciting photo gallery which includes some design ideas and solutions on how to address common loft conversion designing issues you are most likely be faced with. But before then, here are some of what you need to know about loft conversion to help you in transforming your loft from a cluttered dumping space into a stylish, functional extra room.

Loft For Extra Space

If your home offers you enough living space downstairs but lacks in bedrooms or other spaces, then a loft conversion is the ideal way to bring it to appropriate proportion. Majority of loft spaces are used popularly for extra bedroom. Other major uses include for extra bathroom, child’s bedroom, home office, or even cinema room. However, if your house has exciting views, you might want to avail yourself of such opportunity by moving some of the living spaces into the new space.

Conversion Options

2.3m is usually considered as the minimum head height for loft conversion, although obstacles such as the pitch of the roof, water tanks or chimneys can affect this decision. However, there are other conversion options available to loft spaces with less than 2.3m. These include removing all or sections of the roof to gain the required head height; lowering the ceiling of the spaces below; as well as a modular conversion.

Layout Planning

Since lofts are usually the smallest spaces in the house, planning is key to their conversions lest the entire house design is messed up. The layout needs to be considered long before the conversion begins. This means you will need to decide where the bathroom, pieces of furniture, or any built–in storage will be positioned.

Homeowners are now taking the advantage of the small loft bedroom ideas offer by contemporary top interior designers. This will actually go a long way to help you maximize the space offered within the loft conversion. For instance, placing the door at the foot or top of the staircase can make the difference between a boxy or open loft conversion.

The Exterior

If the conversion will require extended sections, it is important to consider how the exterior of the extended sections function. For instance, whether it should complement or contrast with the existing design. For a more modern finish, you can make use of matching brickwork, or include cladding or rendering. Minimalist style frameless windows are another incredible option for contemporary homes.

Whether you are looking to adapt your home to create a loft conversion or you have one already, there is always so much to consider when it comes to designing a loft. From clever storage options to amazing space–enhancing features, a well transformed loft is an embodiment of practicality and style. The stylish loft bedroom ideas photo gallery below incorporates a roundup of stylish loft bedroom ideas created by top interior designers across the globe to accord you the inspiration and vibe you require in designing your loft conversion.

Teen Bedroom Modern Style

With its conventional teenage retreat, this loft is a fabulous teen bedroom modern style. The space is equipped with steel shelves that provide extra storage space without compromising the design scheme

Wood Walled Loft Bedroom with Skylight Above Bed

The skylight in this wood walled loft bedroom with skylight above bed creates the best view in the space. Light toned hardwood flooring with white area rug adds elegance to the room

Upstairs Bedroom Loft with Wood Beam Vaulted Ceiling

This upstairs bedroom loft with wood beam vaulted ceiling was transformed into an open bedroom overlooking the main living room. The patterned area rug adds warmth and coziness to the space

Rustic Brick Loft Bedroom with Wood Flooring and Exposed Beam Ceiling

The rustic feature and style of this rustic brick loft bedroom with wood flooring and exposed beam ceiling is defined by its exposed beams, brick walls, pipes, and hardwood flooring. The sleeping area is separated by a patterned hand–woven silk carpet

Modern White Bedroom Loft with Tufted Bed

A chic modern white bedroom loft with tufted bed features a white and purple tufted bed which that balances out the adjacent accent wall. The large mirror above the headboard reflects natural light from the skylight thereby making the room feel bigger and brighter

Modern Bedroom Interior Panorama 3D

This stylish loft is transformed into an open modern bedroom interior panorama 3d suite that overlooks out to the main living room. The dark toned hardwood flooring, black bed linens and black upholstered chair balance out the stark white walls and ceiling

Mediterranean Style Loft Bedroom with Wrought Iron Staircase

Featuring a wrought iron staircase, this mediterranean style loft bedroom with wrought iron staircase makes an ideal bedroom for guests. The color and design scheme that create a relaxing and warmth feeling are typical of the mediterranean design scheme

Loft Bedroom with Wood Accent Wall White Painted Bricks and Edison Pendant Lights

Creativity is abound in this rich loft bedroom with wood accent wall white painted bricks and edison pendant lights. The wood accent wall doubles as the bed headboard, while the large wooden framed mirror helps reflect the light and makes the space brighter and feels larger

Loft bedroom with wide plank wood floors wall of windows

The exposed solid wood beams of this trendy loft bedroom with wide plank wood floors wall of windows help bring balance to the wall of windows while the medium toned plank wood floors enhance coziness and warmth

Loft Bedroom with Double Doors Off Main Living Room

The incorporated framed double glass doors of this loft bedroom with double doors off main living room help tucked away the space from the main living room. The wall to wall carpet compensates the concrete flooring from the living area

Contemporary Loft Bedroom with Upstairs Living Area

This contemporary loft bedroom with upstairs living area incorporates a reverse floor plan design. The unique layout allows for maximum utilization of the space to its great functionality and fullest potential

Contemporary Loft Bedroom with Reverse Floor Plan

Unlike the regular home design ideas, the bedroom of this contemporary loft bedroom with reverse floor plan is in the main area below while the closet and sitting area are both in the loft. The layout design made the most of the ceiling height

Contemporary Loft Bedroom with Balcony Wood Floors Concrete Ceiling and Exposed Duct Work

This contemporary loft bedroom with balcony wood floors concrete ceiling and exposed duct work features an industrial design scheme and stained grainy wood floor that make the room feel calm and cozy

Contemporary Brick Loft with Four Post Bed with Canopy and High Ceiling

Mix and match materials help turn this contemporary brick loft with four post bed with canopy and high ceiling into an inviting and more relaxed rustic haven; thanks to a shaggy area rug which balanced out the hardwood flooring

Cabin Loft Bedroom with Vaulted Wood Ceiling

This cabin loft bedroom with vaulted wood ceiling uses a door and a wall–to–wall carpet to create a separate sleeping area for privacy. It has a balcony window which helps to brighten the space throughout the day

Bedroom Loft with Painted White Brick Walls

This stylish bedroom loft with painted white brick walls features medium toned hardwood floors, skylight window, as well as modern style furniture and accessories. It also incorporates contemporary wall treatment with fixed shelving to create an extra storage space

Bedroom Loft with Aluminum Ceiling and Light Wood Flooring

This contemporary style bedroom loft with aluminium ceiling and light wood flooring incorporates exposed duct works, aluminium decking for the ceiling, and custom made stainless steel headboard. A dark toned area rug and light wooden laminated flooring gives the space a cozy and warm feel

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