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Designing a house ground-up can be challenging, so in this article we shall analyze top 10 off of free applications to make plans of houses, among the features to include them in the list has taken into account the ease of use, an intuitive interface, drawing tools to generate interior distributions quickly and the possibility of going from a plane from plant in 2D to 3D automatically.

List of the 10 best applications to make house plans

10. Roomsketcher

RoomSketcher Home Design Software Online Floor Plan Tool
RoomSketcher Home Design Software Online Floor Plan Tool

This is an interesting software that makes plans for houses online. We like the practical utility of it by being able to use guided lines where the walls are.This allows doing a better calculation of the interior dimensions when showing the angle and the distance in feet or meters.

To start using the software, go to Roomsketcher and press “Start Designing”, once inside the drawing sheet press: New (top left of the drawing screen) and choose from a blank sheet to a series of shapes that you can then go rethinking according to your terrain; then press “Walls” and start designing the interior elements of the house; When you have finished the design you have the possibility of equipping the house with the “Furniture” tool where you can choose from kitchen furniture to electronic equipment or any other depending on the room.

9. HomebyMe

homebyme 3d software for designing plans online
Homebyme 3d software for designing plans online

HomebyMe is an application that makes plans of houses which you can download to your computer, in a simple to use interface and also it shows us in a matter of seconds how the design will be with an interesting effect in 3D since it uses the power of the computer to generate the graphics. It is very fluid and you can make changes such as the color of the walls or move the furniture from one place to another to see how it is left in the designed space, recommended for those who start in the design of house plans.

As for the HomeByMe equipment, it uses a series of products from famous brands such as washbasins, furniture, and lamps that you can implement inside the plan and then buy them online if you wish; We would have liked more variety in the library of generic equipment to see the functionality beyond the decorative.

8. Amikasa

amikasa applications for design houses
Amikasa applications for design houses

We have been surprised by the evolution that Amikasa has had, now we can use it on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Once downloaded and installed it shows us an attractive design area, its effects in 3D with shadows and natural colors while we design the plans, allows us to have a very realistic image of how the interior design is going to be.

Just like HomeByMe, Amikasa has a series of recognized popular brand equipment. To start using it, simply press the “Build” tool and choose “Interior Wall” along with colors and other features. It looks great as a tool used by interior designers.

7. Software DreamPlan

Dreamplan software online application for designing houses
Dreamplan software online application for designing houses

It is an interesting alternative to Sweet Home 3D and Sketchup. In our tests it was possible to develop a small project from the 3D view in a short time, with the wall tool (Walls) it was possible to make the facade and interior divisions in a matter of seconds, the placement of doors and windows is also very easy; the floor grid easily guides us in the placement of walls and to maintain the order of the rooms.

It generates roofs automatically by only indicating the place of coupling; we have read in other reviews that the software has “advertisements”  which would be a point against this good alternative design program, however, in our tests no ads appeared.

6. Archifacile

Archifacile program for online house planning
Archifacile program for online house planning

The ease of use of this free application is to be appreciated, from a simple user interface we find the tools to build and equip in a single column, occupying the largest working space in the drawing area, among pluses, the software comes with a large variety of language packages.

You can start designing the house from a room or using walls (we recommend starting by creating a plan with the shape and dimension of the terrain that we have, and then placing the internal walls), from the left column you can adjust the dimension and other characteristics from the elements.

If you want to create floor plans with ease (currently you do not have an automatic 3D view) Archifacile will be of great help.

In this part, we are going to take a look at the free applications in order to make house plans

  1. Sweet Home 3D
Sweet Home 3D program floor plans review
Sweet Home 3D program floor plans review

SweetHome 3D can be installed on the computer and also has a version to use online (you need to have Java installed), thanks to its split interface we can go designing in the 2D view, the floor plans and automatically see at the bottom how it’s developing the project in 3D, it is easy to use and has a very active community that publishes its designs and recommendations for use in forums.

The learning curve is fast for this free design software so if you decide to use it you will be able to design the house plans in a very short time.

4. RoomStyler

roomstyler online planner tool
Roomstyler online planner tool

RoomStyler is an application that has some years of development and the mail service is providing equipment from top brands, it has an extensive library of furniture as well as textures for floors and walls, so the final result will surprise you for its realism design.

Within the software, you can see a camera that you can rotate according to the angle you want to review and make virtual tours.

3.  Planner 5D

Planner 5D webapp for floor plan designing
Planner 5D web app for floor plan designing

Planner 5D is one of our favorite applications, it has greatly improved its user interface by showing minimalistic design and focusing on the drawing area, it is easy to use and within a few minutes of having started, you are able to generate a plethora of house plans ranging from pre-established shapes to finite plants. With this application, it is very easy to make the changes you want at any time.

To see the project in 3D you just have to press the 3D button located in the right column of the drawing screen.

2. EasyHome (Ex-Autodesk HomeStyler)

HomeStyler free home plans designer tool
HomeStyler free home plans designer tool

HomeStyler belongs to Autodesk the creators of famous design applications such as Autocad and Revit (BIM software), the app has made strides in its development, now it is more fluid to do the generated plans and also easier to place the equipment within the plans.

easyhome homestyler is the new web interface of the software
Easyhome homestyler is the new web interface of the software

With the change to EasyHome, now the design columns are located on the left in this way we have tools such as build, catalog (furniture and equipment in general) and styles: construction materials, floor and wall finishes.

In the upper right part of the Easy Home screen you can see a small expandable box in 2D – 3D  In order to see the design changes from another perspective, this feature is quite fluid and useful.

1. FloorPlanner

FloorPlanner is an application for doing free home design online
FloorPlanner is an application for doing free home design online

Now, with the improved graphics of FloorPlanner that are more fluid, you are able to do more while designing your dream home.

The main design tools are located in a floating window called “Construction” where you will find all the tools you need to start the project, in the left column you can choose the furniture and appliances needed for the plan its large library.

Its use is free for a project but if you want other features such as printing 3D images in high resolution among others you can use an economic payment plan, we believe that sticking with the free version is enough.

Additional alternatives:

Gliffy, a very interesting application to make flow diagrams ranging from basic shapes such as squares and circles to complex diagramming structures, but in the case of making plans of houses is limiting both in the development of the internal walls and by the little equipment that has in ti’s library; to use it, go to Gliffy, once inside the drawing sheet go to “Floorplan” and finally to “More shapes” (bottom left of the screen).

SmallBlueprinter is an ideal basic tool to make sketches of floor plans quickly whenever you spend a few minutes to learn the graphics environment of the free online application.

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