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87+ Living Room Interior Designs & Furniture (Casual & Formal)

When setting up a formal living room, small details can make great transformations. Here are some tips! Furniture coverings with high-quality fabrics and preferably dark furniture with traditional design. Decorating objects with jars, trays can give the formal shade you desire for the decoration of your formal living room. Repeat this pattern also on carpets and

27+ Formal Living Room Design Ideas (Pictures)

The formal living room is not quite the style we can say it is “in trend”, but it is part of that select group that never goes out of style because it has its “loyal followers.” Another factor that makes the formal living room almost disappear is their size. The new apartments are smaller every

23+ Beautiful Small Living Rooms (Interior Design Ideas)

A beautiful small living room is the most social place in the house, for example, when you have the family or friends invited to your house, the place to receive them is the living room, which must always be arranged and ready for any visit, planned or not. If your living room is small, there

Living Room Design Ideas – Photos and Construction Tips

The living room is the main room of the house and it is the place where the family meets daily for different social activities, so a good design both in floor plans and interior decoration will boost the pleasure of spending time in this room. Here at Home Dedicated we think that you can do

124+ Great Living Room Ideas and Designs – Photo Gallery

Welcome to our gallery featuring more than 124 living room ideas and designs. Modern and spacious living room with light wood flooring, cozy light gray couch and a central wall that does not connect to the white ceiling . Beautiful large windows that let natural light inside. The living room is the place where you