Best Programs for Interior & Exterior Design

In this article we shall talk about the best online interior/exterior design sites which will allow us to add all the necessary equipment to the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, bar, terrace, etc. in order to generate the appropriate interior space as well as to change or combine the colors and textures of the floors and walls. In such a way that achieving a harmonious whole will surprise you.

interior design software list online
Interior design software list online

1. Online interior design with Design My Room website

A very well designed website that through simple steps will allow generating the appearance that we want to any interior space. Design My Room has a series of predefined interior spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, common rooms and bedrooms and that is divided into different looks and feels like: casual, contemporary, modern, traditional, eclectic, Asian or European styles.

If you are going to start with the room design, you can change the color of the walls, the material and textures of the floor as well as the furniture, you can also upload a photo of the room you want to renew.

2. Online interior design with Amikasa

This program is such a useful tool in the interior design sphere. It’s easy to use and also fun. So Amikasa is presented as one of the best web apps that you can find online for the design, although for now, it is in beta. You can start designing without any problems.What should you know to start using Amikasa? Nothing much. The simple user interface allows you to place items such as chairs, tables, beds and other furniture by simply dragging and dropping the elements in the to see them at once in 3D.

One of the most outstanding things about Amikasa is the quality of the interior equipment and the high definition rendering system.

3. Buy interior equipment with Autodesk HomeStyler

You know from our previous posts that HomeStyler is the best online application plan designs. An aspect that can’t miss with any good interior software is the ability to place the furniture in the right place and then generate the percentage of free space left of the room. Over cluttering is a major issue since you want to stuff everything that looks nice in one room. Try to have a balance of space.

4. Colors for interior design with Colorjive

ColorJive Pro software
ColorJive Pro software

A very important step in the interior design is choosing the appropriate colors for the room walls. To achieve this we shall use the online tool called Colorjive, that allows us to upload a photo of the space that we are designing and put the colors that we think they can be combined. Once you have finished painting the walls, Colorjive is responsible for rendering the photo so you have a real photo image, that is, so we can observe the shadows of the walls and the lighting elements of that interior space.

Wanna do interior design from scratch? Try Sweet Home 3D

If you want to start designing all the interior space from scratch, including the openings, doors, and equipment and be able to visualize everything in 3D then try Sweet Home 3D. We have already seen the best programs for 3D houses design. And although it is not an online tool, the program is free to use and it is a great and easy way to start a blueprint of the house.

Like Sweet Home 3D, it would be useful if you have SketchUp. A handy app to create your custom furniture in 3D, in this way having the concept or prototype before sending it to contractor or builder.

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With all these online tools for interior design you just need to unleash the creativity form you in order to generate those shapes and designs for your client or yourself. If you are doing renovations – you will be surprised by the quality that this software provides.

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