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modern kitchen with wood floors

Smooth dark hardwood floor lend a nice contrast to the cream cabinets and white walls. The design in this modern kitchen with wood floors is a perfect example of the use of two contrasting intensity levels in one space

When deciding on a design style for your modern kitchen, the array of choices available could be pretty overwhelming. It is therefore important to not only base your decision on looks, but also on utility. Amongst the numerous styles and ideas offered in today’s world of modern kitchen design trends, contemporary kitchen design stands out as one of the smartest options for those who are looking for clean, sleek looking kitchen that is also functional.

Modern kitchens often feature a minimalist design, a spacious look, clean lines and sleek feel. While they are increasingly becoming very popular among new properties, these kitchens are also not out of place within the existing apartments. As a matter of fact, remodelling an old kitchen to reflect a modern design is a fantastic way to modify the look of an old apartment and increase its resale value. Modern kitchens are suitable to both small and large spaces. Since the emphasis is on open areas and tidy look, modern kitchen designs for small kitchens can make small spaces seem much larger.

With their minimalist designs, the kitchens are a lot easier and quicker to clean than the traditional kitchens. Nowadays, contemporary kitchens feature sleek woods with stainless steel appliances that can easily be wiped clean and make look new again. Modern kitchens also feature modern kitchen furniture with smart storage space to keep every item out of sight, thereby creating a highly organised and clean look. Most kitchens toady are a great GREEN choice. They are designed to not only be eco–friendly, but also to avoid wasting energy while incorporating elements that help reduce and facilitate recycling waste.

Contemporary kitchens these days include plenty of light to help facilitate cooking activities within the kitchen environment. A well–lit kitchen is critical to food preparation. Cutting and shredding of food items, washing and arranging plates and other kitchen utensils, or even monitoring the cooking progress of food; all require plenty of light for safety and efficiency. Anyone who has ever been in a dimly lit–kitchen environment can tell you what big difference lighting can make in cooking quality and safety. With their wide open and bright spaces, there is always plenty of room for guests and/or family members to hang out in the kitchen safely without making it feel overcrowded.

Serious cooking tends to take longer time and use up lots of kitchen space. Whether it is big kitchen design or modern kitchen designs for small spaces, today’s kitchens are pretty much efficient and functional. Without the clutter of other kitchen kinds, counter spaces are often maximised, thus enabling you to prepare your recipes in a clear and clean space without distractions. It is however, not necessary to halt a cooking recipe just because you want to make more space. These kitchens are predesigned to afford you all the space you ever required.

Cooking is now different than what it was decades ago; as such kitchens have in leaps and bounds evolved to reflect the modern cooking technologies. Rustic kitchens can be quite exquisite, but they don’t offer the functionality and practicality of modern kitchen ideas. The following modern kitchen designs photo gallery will take you through different modern kitchen styles suitable for anyone who wants a sleek looking modern kitchen that facilitates meal preparation.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash with White Cabinets

The smooth, clean white cabinets in this kitchen are offset by the light brown hardwood floors. The granite modern kitchen backsplash brick shape offers a unique divergence from the traditional backsplash most kitchen host

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Classic pendant light fixtures above the modern kitchen island provide lighting without detracting from the intended focus of the elegance of this kitchen. The island dark contrasting smooth hardwood is the key to making the space conspicuous

Modern Kitchen Island with Stools

The interplay of white cabinets and modern kitchen island with stools against the light wood floor adds to the exquisiteness and kicks up the contrast. The black rustic stools at the island add to the elegant nature of the room

Modern Kitchen with Farmhouse Sink

The contrast in this modern kitchen with farmhouse sink is what actually blends the room together. While the rustic look of island is truly unique, its incorporation a farmhouse sink and storage space ensure that it serves a functional purpose

Modern U Shaped Kitchen with Island

Dark wood cabinets throughout this modern u–shaped kitchen with island stand out in contrast from the ceiling and walls. The real eye catcher here however is the dark brown marble countertops that mesh unbelievably well with the cabinets

Modern Kitchen Designs with Windows

The real features of the modern kitchen design with windows include glass windows, L–shaped island with glass countertop, and clear set of glass orb pendant lights that add warmth to the space

Modern Kitchen with Black Granite Countertops

With its deep tones this modern kitchen with black granite countertops proves that white and black are the trendy colours in home decor. The timeless combination of white cabinets and island with black countertops lends itself pretty well into this kitchen space

Phoenix Black Modern Kitchen Island with Granite Top

With its basic structure, earthy tones, and freedom of space, this phoenix black modern kitchen island with granite top offers a good balance of feminine and masculine accents to meet the needs of everybody and family

Modern Kitchen with Fireplace

Exposed bricks make a stunning backdrop for this modern kitchen with fireplace. They combine so well with different colors and textures that it is so difficult to miss in a brick–lined space. While the room is blended into modern kitchen, the fireplace finishes off the space look

Modern Kitchen Island with Cooktop

Like most contemporary kitchen designs, this room makes the modern kitchen island with cooktop the focus of the space. The marble countertops add softness to the warm tone of the space

Modern Kitchen Colors with Dark Cabinets

Perfect modern kitchen colors selections help in creating a kitchen space that would otherwise be lost in darkness. The bright contrasting colors on the background accent by dark cabinets help make the space jump out at the viewer

Modern Kitchen with Granite Countertops

The crisp white backdrops and cabinets take up the larger feel this modern kitchen with granite countertops, but the use of the black–spotted gray granite countertops helps to keep the entire fixtures blended with the design

Modern Kitchen Islands with Breakfast Bar

A marble–top modern kitchen island melds with perfectly–placed medium–stained light wood breakfast bar, and modern barstools with stainless steel stands serve to give the kitchen space a distinct personality

Modern Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash

The white modern kitchen countertops and backsplash of this stylish kitchen space offer a nice contrasting texture to the look and smoothness of the black wood cabinets and island. The white walls and countertops balance out the entire feel of the kitchen

Modern Kitchens with Butlers Pantry

Efficient space usage as a design element is fundamental in modern kitchen designs. This modern kitchen with butlers pantry demonstrates how a space can retain its full functionality without detracting from the design focus

Modern Kitchen Designs with Scullery

The uncommon style of this modern kitchen design combined with scullery not often found in contemporary homes can leave visitors feeling as though they are only at the bar for a drink. The dark brick–style backsplash helps deepen the otherwise bright space

Modern Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

While the look of this modern kitchen with oak cabinets almost seems unfinished, the bare wood highlights the bright space. The checkered–style backsplash brings just enough of a color scheme to further deepen the space

Modern Kitchen with Rustic Elements

Faced with rustic multiple tone wood base, the island in this modern kitchen with rustic elements lend inspiration from the stain tone throughout the remainder of the room. Granite countertops on the lower cabinets finished in a shade of stain wood that pulls in elements of the outdoors inside

Modern Kitchen Lights Ceiling

A mix of dark and light wood cabinets throughout this space stands out in contrast from the white backdrop. The real eye catcher however, is the medium sized modern kitchen light fixtures that add to the modern ambiance

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Tile

The smooth marble modern kitchen backsplash tile behind the stainless steel cooktop lightens the back wall for a secondary texture and color combination. It accents the hardwood floors and cabinets

Modern White Kitchen with Black Countertop

Sometimes modern kitchen designs mean blending quirky fixtures with elegant space. This modern white kitchen with black countertop is no exception. Black countertops and floor, white cabinets and a kitchen island in the space are broken up by beautiful cream accent walls

Modern Kitchen Subway Tile Backsplash

The modern kitchen subway tile backsplash blends artfully with the back wall. The white–and–black marble countertops add softness to the space while providing a prep surface with extra space to keep basic kitchen utensils

Small Modern Kitchen Island with Seating

This extraordinary small modern kitchen island with seating allows a burst of contrast to the entire space with a dark wood structure and an elegant marble countertop. The extended countertop space grants in–kitchen dining with a set of three metallic stool chairs tucked in

Modern Kitchen with Traditional Features

This modern kitchen with traditional features blends a mix of traditional elements with a modern twist. It layers different classic materials together to form a stacked effect. Cabinet layers are stacked with a marble countertop. The two clear set of glass orb vintage pendant lights add warmth to the room

Modern Kitchen Tiles Backsplash Ideas

Exquisite mosaic modern kitchen tiles backsplash meld with stainless steel countertops while the dark brown wood cabinets and light brown island base add just the right amount of wood grain to accent the backdrop

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lights

The all–impressive modern kitchen pendant light fixtures composed of clear glass orbs that add a bright focal point to this chic space. This, combined with the stunning ceiling lights, provides a beautiful focus around the kitchen

Modern Kitchen and Dining Room Design

Walking down this exquisite space, one can barely tell if it serves as a fully–function modern kitchen and dining room design. To ensure that the flow of the open floor plan isn’t broken, appliances are smartly hidden in the space

Modern Kitchen Island with Seating

The warm tone of the modern kitchen island with seating creates depth in the space. The island does not only function as the perfect food prep area, but also as space for entertaining

Modern Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

This well polished modern kitchen table not only goes well with this small space but it’s designed to handle a considerable number without consuming too much space. Classic design is infused into a modern era with clever use of exquisite seating

Modern Kitchen Island with Attached Table

With a gorgeous view through a full wall of large windows, this room is all about openness. Its main feature; the modern kitchen island with attached table, highlights the natural feel of the space

Modern Kitchen Vintage Style

The contrast in this modern kitchen vintage style is what actually brings the space together. Pops of color burst from a blue and white scene. The light brown hardwood floor balances out the space

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

This modern kitchen backsplash idea melds stones of black, silver, and white in a mixture that reminds one of the ocean view at the beach while keeping focus on the countertops and island. It balances out the cabinets and the walls

Modern Kitchen Designs with White Cabinets

The openness of a kitchen space is usually its best asset. This modern kitchen design with white cabinets meticulously used this fact to ensure that the room looks even bigger with the use of reflective countertops and white surfaces

Modern Kitchen Table and Chairs

One important element for a modern kitchen design is modern kitchen table and chairs. The black chairs have a modern look and complement the finish of the table. They offer a sophisticated style that balances out the theme of the entire room

Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

Every surface in this kitchen space is slick, from its modern kitchen cabinets with glass doors to the stainless steel countertops and light wood floors. The real eye catcher however is the white checkered tile backsplash

Modern Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

At first the look of this modern kitchen designs photo gallery evokes memories of a high school class, but the stainless steel appliances, wall art and bowl of fruits bring just enough of a color scheme to brighten the space

Modern Kitchen without Upper Cabinets

White matte finish lower cabinets in this modern kitchen without upper cabinets help to draw the eye down to a floor of wood influenced light brown tile and toward the unique black appliance

Modern Kitchen Rugs Washable

Modern kitchen rugs washable are great accessories and an incredible way for kitchens to feel natural and inviting. From adding newness and brightness to the design to hiding a ruined or deformed kitchen floor, they are versatile yet simple to clean

Modern Kitchen Designs with Island

The true feature of this modern kitchen design with island is the custom island. The round base of polished steel continues the elegant theme of the space, while the dark base of the island adds a nice contrasting scheme to the dark brown cabinets

Modern L Shaped Kitchen Designs with Island

While it offers a prep area, the majority of the marble–topped island in this modern L–shaped kitchen design with island is reserved for a table–like dining area. The white and black matte leather stool chairs around the island carry the modern feel to the seating options

Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds

Modern kitchen roller blinds are a great window dressing. They are stylishly gorgeous and have multiple functions. The blush and soft white tone is suitable for a modern look and add an extra touch of elegance in this modern kitchen space

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Modern kitchen interior design means sometimes using unusual materials. This design melds hardwood, ceramics, concrete, granite and glass together in a kitchen space that is a work of art in its own right

Modern Kitchen Design with White Appliances

The feature of this modern kitchen design with white appliances is clear at the first look. The ultra–modern white appliances finish the look of the space by adding yet another touch of modernism to the entire design

Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

A bar is a popular feature of modern outdoor kitchens. In this building, a tree extends over the bar, which has a pizza oven, and seating for five or more people

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