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Kitchen design decor ideas photos

Beautiful beige kitchen design with beige stone floor, withe ceiling with spots and chandeliers . Beige furniture with storage cabins and in the center of the kitchen a big polished granite island.

Called the heart of the home, the kitchen is where you prepare and eat food, and depending on its size and we can receive guests. So, for a better pulse of your home we invite you to breathe in models for kitchens interior design, modern or vintage, presented in this category. You will also find advice for renovation or decoration.

One of the greatest mistakes of the interior design magazines is that those tend to show only the latest appearances on the market, that only the most luxurious products and design styles, forgetting that most readers do not have the means to implement those seen in the magazines, especially when the price amounts are dozens of times higher than the regular versions.

Because we like to be practical and helpful, we will focus on all types of kitchens. Each of us definitely want a house with a huge kitchen so we can use it as desired, unfortunately in apartments we are not so lucky to have such a space. Even if you live in an apartment, studio apartment or in house with a small kitchen there are some ways to make it appear larger.

A first advice would be to try to use furniture as lighter color and more vivid. They will help to provide more brightness to the kitchen. The most suitable colors are: white, yellow and light blue, those colors are strong and will be able to create the illusion of a greater space.


A second important aspect is the light. If you have big enough windows do not try to cover them and take advantage of natural light coming from outside. At night light can be provided via different sources listed below.

Striking Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Striking tile kitchen backsplash ideas – A slender rectangular stone tiles in various shades of gray color. A metallic double sink with large and wooden frame storage compartments.

Small Kitchen Islands on Wheels

Small kitchen islands on wheels that are great if you don’t have enough room in the kitchen or you wish to move it outside for a barbecue or grill.

Modern Kitchen Home Interior

Modern kitchen home interior with three black high chairs made of black wood. A L-shaped small island that can accommodate 4 people. Also white furniture with large storage areas.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small kitchen design ideas with a small U shaped design. In the wall there is a window segmented in 3 rectangle small glass panels, also white glossy cabins for extra storage.

Rustic Kitchen Designs

Rustic kitchen designs form a mountain cottage made completely out of natural looking wood. With natural looking polished ceiling and wooden shelves for the kitchen sets.

Rectangular Kitchen Designs

Rectangular kitchen designs with dark wood furniture sets and light blue walls, light spots and two door metallic fridge with ice and cold water dispenser.

Popular Kitchen Designs

Popular kitchen designs with rustic insertions, light satin finished hardwood flooring. Also small withe rectangular shape brick tiles that are on the wall.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchen ideas – special designed for a mansion with a large bar stile island made out of orange like brick and granite. A small metallic oven and sink added for extra utility.

Natural Light White Kitchen

Natural light white kitchen with a dining area in the middle of the kitchen, The massive satin polished matte wooden table can accommodate eight people on light wood comfortable chairs.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

Modern industrial kitchen cabinets kitchen kitchen inspiring industrial kitchen decorating ideas for modern industrial kitchen style with gray industrial kitchen island with modern wood

Modern Small Kitchen Designs Modify Your Space

Modern small kitchen designs modify your space – in this arrangement you can see natural wood finished insertions in contrast with black furniture sets, oven and large cabins.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern kitchen design ideas with a large U-shaped kitchen furniture made out of dark satin wood. Also near, a small dining table with a coupe of white chairs.

Mediterranean Kitchens

Mediterranean kitchen with European style design, The ceiling is arched and made out of bricks, and four wooden beams sustain it. Also the top of the island is made out of natural piece of wood, special carved form a tree.

Massive Custom Kitchen Designs

Massive custom kitchen designs with plenty of space and no central pillar, The light is provided by the large windows and french doors, and also there are light spots on the white ceiling.

Luxury Kitchen Designs

Luxury kitchen designs with very high ceiling with special beige decorations and spot lights. The kitchen has many ovens and a large wooden island in the middle of it.

Light Wood Kitchen Designs

Light wood kitchen designs with light wood matte finish hardwood flooring design. Also small white island with bar like chairs in contrast with the dark dining area.

L Shaped Kitchens

L shaped kitchens with white shinny furniture sets, a white central island with three black bar chairs. Large storage areas with white drawers, a fully metallic fridge.

Kitchens without Windows

Kitchens without windows – an interesting design with black island and dining are combined, dark wood chairs and natural looking wood furniture sets.

Kitchens with Windows

Kitchens with windows – a beautifully finished yellow kitchen with beige furniture sets, cabins, shelves and a central island. Also the top of the island matches the orange – beige tone color as the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchens with Two Islands

Kitchens with two islands designs, a large kitchen that can accommodate two large four person each, with black matte finish hardwood flooring design that is in the same tone as the hardwood floor.

Kitchens with Skylights

Kitchens with skylights view design, Small kitchen with a sloped ceiling that has three rectangular glass windows that let the natural light inside. Also a patterned blue rug with little yellow stars.

Kitchens with Island Stoves

Kitchens with island stoves, A perfect way to conserve the storage is to include kitchen appliances into the kitchen island. A large light wood island counter top with four rustic chairs.

Kitchens with Fireplace

Kitchens with fireplace design, and a stylish dark red island with beige counter top. Also the cabins are dark red design color. The ceiling is made out of natural wood with wooden beams and small spot lights.

Kitchens with Double Wall Ovens

Kitchens with double wall ovens one on top of the other, with metallic finish and also in contrast with natural sating finish kitchen furniture sets. The floor is made out of blue granite tiles.

Kitchens with Dark Wood Floors

Kitchens with dark wood floors small dark blue kitchen island, with a small six person dining area. White kitchen appliances, in contrast with the dark matte finish hardwood flooring design.

Kitchens with Breakfast Bar

Kitchens with breakfast bar – A great design modern and contemporary with four zebra style fabric chairs, a white and polished kitchen island and dark wood flooring decor ideas.

Kitchens with Arches

Splendid luxurious kitchen with arches, with an L shape breakfast area with white and black marble counter top. Also large two door storage with large wooden doors.

Kitchens White Cabinets Dark Granite

Kitchens white cabinets dark granite counter top that is in contrast with the white and beige accents form the kitchen appliances. Matte finish orange tone brick tile for the floor.

Kitchens White Cabinets and Islands

Kitchens white cabinets and islands that are rectangular shape, with two narrow white table chairs, natural looking polished floor and white ceiling with small spotlights.

Kitchens Vaulted Ceilings

Kitchens vaulted ceilings in V shape, with white wooden beams for a more rustic design. A small kitchen table island for two with a small rectangular sink and also a stylish looking chandelier.

Kitchens Stainless Steel

Kitchens stainless steel with beautiful metallic kitchen appliances, oven metallic storage area, metallic shelves, and metallic kitchen island with white granite counter top. Also the sink counter top is made out of white granite.

Kitchens Red Cabinets

Kitchens red cabinets and red kitchen island, with red shinny insertions. Also in contrast with the cold metallic look of the kitchen appliances. I combination with immaculate white flooring.

Kitchens Island Sinks

Kitchens island sinks that can server as a breakfast table for four people, also its integrated into the living room, with the same dark matte hardwood flooring design.

Kitchens Dining Tables

Kitchens dining tables with a large L shape kitchen. A particularly interesting fact is that the laundry machine is placed in the kitchen. Also immaculate white kitchen appliances with a large white dining table with white sitting chairs.

Kitchens Ceiling Fans

Kitchens ceiling fans with beautiful hardwood insertion into the ceiling, a modern looking five propeller wooden fan. The wooden dining is next to the white and wooden color kitchen island.

Kitchens Black Cabinets

Kitchens black cabinets, with black drawers, black kitchen appliances, and black kitchen island with black high chairs, in contrast with the large white and black granite counter tops of the island and the sink.

Kitchens Black Appliances

Kitchens black appliances in contrast with the white ceiling and the satin finished wooden flooring. The majority of the shelves and the drawers are natural wood looking like.

Kitchen Light and Honey Wood Floor

Kitchen light and honey wood floor with honey wood appliances, cabins and shelves. in contrast with the dark granite counter tops – kitchen island and kitchen sink.

Kitchen Islands

Great kitchen islands designs and ideas, with large polish wooden counter top kitchen island L shape design with blue body and light blue kitchen appliance, cabinets and storage areas.

Kitchen Islands with Wine Rack

Kitchen islands wine rack with an unique storage compartment for the wine idea, small form factor that can accommodate more than thirty bottles of wine.

Kitchen Islands Chairs

Kitchen islands chairs that are in the same black tone as the kitchen island, in contrast with the white granite counter top.

Kitchen Design Tips by Top Designers

Kitchen design tips by top designers – Exclusive preview into the secret projects of the elite top home decor designers.

Kitchen Dark Cabinet Dark Granite

Kitchen dark cabinet dark granite with the kitchen island made out of dark granite tiles. Also in contrast with the light stone flooring design.

Incredible Custom Kitchen Designs

Incredible custom kitchen designs – Splendid kitchen design that is made out of white stylish kitchen furniture cabinets and shelves, modern white wooden kitchen island and in the background a sitting and dinner area.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

How to paint kitchen cabinets white – the complete guide on how to remodel your dream kitchen with all the necessary appliances.

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Galley kitchen design ideas with beautiful finishing materials, white counter tops over the kitchen island and sink.

G Shaped Kitchens

Luxurious G-shaped kitchen, with plenty of wooden storage ideas, polished dark wood ceiling ideas, massive three windows half wall with a splendid overview over the swimming pool.

Eclectic Kitchen Designs

Eclectic kitchen designs with stylish dark blue kitchen island and dark blue counter top. In contrast with the white kitchen appliances.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles for Kitchens

Decorative ceiling tiles for kitchens with a modern square patterned tiles, three large chandeliers one its over the dining area.

Dark Wood Kitchen Designs

Beautifully executed kitchen with dark wood kitchen designs, green granite kitchen island counter top and also sink counter top. Also the walls are covered with dark hard wood matte finish kitchen appliances.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinets with plenty of storage area, a large tow door metallic fridge and an irregular kitchen island shape design made out of dark wood and dark granite.

Custom Wooden Kitchens

Custom wooden kitchens with a large half table half kitchen island design. An unique combination with high wooden chairs and hardwood kitchen appliances.

Craftsman Kitchens

Craftsman kitchens – Let your imagination fly when it comes to custom kitchen design sets. A central blue kitchen island in contrast with the honey wood flooring design.

Country Kitchen Designs

Country kitchen designs with multi color patterned fabric that covers the rustic and country chairs design. A high ceiling with blue drapes and blue curtains .

Cottage Kitchens

Cottage kitchens with cozy and rustic finishes. A small kitchen island that serves as a kitchen table, with three high chairs with metallic finishes.

Contemporary Wood Kitchens

Contemporary wood kitchens that integrates the dining room, the same tone color with dark wood material and black granite counter top design and finishes.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Budget friendly kitchen remodeling ideas that will help you out. A beautifully redecorated kitchen in black tone, with black counter top and dark wood cabinets.

Bright Kitchens Top Designers

Bright kitchens top designers with multi color kitchen appliances, white cabinets with white shelves, and a small kitchen island in the middle of the room.

Asian Kitchen Ideas

Asian kitchen ideas with a small footprint, a large center kitchen island with three char with white and beige fabric texture, a small squared sink, and many plants for authentic design.

Luxury Kitchen Design

Luxury Kitchen Design with a large center kitchen island with a modern looking design. Natural looking kitchen appliances with a large window and arcade like ceiling.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens design with a large matte finish counter top kitchen island that has a metallic squared sink. Also the kitchen island accommodates five chars for a super quick breakfast.

White Kitchens with Honey and Light Wood floors

White kitchens with honey and light wood floors that offers a pleasant overview. The kitchen has plenty of sun light, also there are LED light sport in the ceiling and a bronze metallic chandelier.

White Kitchens with Dark Wood Floor

White kitchens with dark wood floor that is satin finish, dark wood chairs near the granite counter top of the kitchen island. Also a lot of plants to animate the cold colors for the room.

White Kitchen Designs Pictures

White kitchen designs pictures white white counter tops for kitchen island and kitchen appliances. Also in contrast with the hardwood flooring design that has a dark matte finish.

White Kitchen Design Variations

White kitchen design variations with four high chairs excellent design for a breakfast area, with slander gray wall tiles, and satin finish gray hardwood flooring.

White Beach Style Kitchen Designs Island

White beach style kitchen designs island with a royal blue kitchen island and in contrast with the white kitchen appliances, boat like spotlights that have chrome insertions.

Walk in Kitchen Pantry

Walk in kitchen pantry that offers a great way to store your kitchen goods, far form the Sun’s light and at an optimal temperature.

Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs

Ultra modern kitchen designs with a central I shape kitchen island with transparent glass cover. Also in contrast with the black tile flooring and the sloped ceiling.

Luxurious Kitchen Designs

Luxurious kitchen designs with a large cross arcade ceiling and in the middle a small golden chandelier overlooking the black wood kitchen.

U Shaped Kitchen Designs

U shaped kitchen designs with a modern approach to good taste and style. A white appliance kitchen in contrast with the shinny looking hardwood flooring design ideas.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Traditional kitchen designs with slender natural color brick wall tiles, matte hardwood kitchen appliances and honey looking hardwood flooring design.

Traditional Cottage Kitchen Design

Traditional cottage kitchen design with light blue kitchen appliances, narrow corridor, shinny dark hardwood flooring with white counter tops, and white ceiling with spotlights.

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