How to Create Outstanding Home Design Projects with the Best Android and iOS Apps

Now it is possible to develop a home design project with the help of the new mobile apps designed for smartphones and tablets. Apps that allow you to generate a 2D plane and have 3D views with photographic quality equipment which guarantees a correct visualization of both the interior design and exterior elements. In this article, we shall include our top picks for home decor apps to start from generating ideas or implementing ones that exist regarding the designated measurements of the plans.

App that generates house floor plans
App that generates house floor plans

If you want to start with the development of the project immediately you can go to section 3. of this article.

Capture design ideas:

Morpholio Trace [iOS], is an award-winning app that allows you to sketch a house among other design utilities, one of its advantages is that it uses layers and starting a creative process from an image that you can take with the same mobile device is a no-brainer.

Autodesk FormIt [AndroidiOS], those who are familiar with the work of Sketchup will find a mobile alternative in FormIt. It is mainly used to generate and analyze the volumetry of a building and is able to make the changes on the fly in an easy and intuitive way. If you are working with Revit architecture software it would be an ideal complement to it.

We recommend first making a floor plan and from there start generating the volumetry of the architectural set with the aim of giving harmony and knowing technical aspects such as sunning (can also be done automatically with SketchUp using geographic location).

Paper [iOS], is an ideal application to capture ideas and especially the small architectural details through graphics and notes. For much better results it would be convenient to use an electronic pencil since you can sketch a design on the iPad.

Establish the measurements of the house:

RoomScan [iOS], this app generates a floor plan automatically, you simply have to place the mobile device on each of the interior walls of the house, it is quite accurate and stands out for its speed in generating the plan. We recommend this application as a starting point for making a renovation or to do a study regarding the housing areas.

Applications to generate house plans and have 3D views automatically:

MagicPlan [AndroidiOS], is an application that generates plans of complete houses, allowing you to generate plan making measurements from the same mobile device (what we have seen with RoomScan) but using the camera of the smartphone, then be able to equip them with furniture.

You have the option to start making the plan from scratch if you have a photo of the room or use the camera if you want the application to generate the plan automatically. In order to use all the MagicPlan tools, the software will ask you to access the full version for a small payment.

Panner 5D [AndroidiOS], this app allows you to generate the plans in 2D view and see it in 3D automatically. We want to highlight that the realism that is achieved in interior design is in part thanks to the quality of the library elements (furniture, appliances, textures) where you will find a different style, color, and shapes.

Autodesk HomeStyler for mobile [AndroidiOS], HomeStyler has been evolving over time, in its mobile version it also allows you to design house plans and equip them with quality 3D elements. Also, you can instantly switch between two and three-dimensional view; HomeStyler is free (for now) and has the Autodesk developers guarantee that they created one of the most popular software for computer-aided design such as AutoCAD.

Home Design 3D [AndroidiOS], generates the design of your house quickly using the 2D and 3D view, apart from these features that the apps mentioned above have, this software has a section which allows you to change the thickness of the walls and their height. Also, you can design and decorate the exterior of your house.

Floor Plan Creator [Android], is a free application that will facilitate the design of house projects since it is quite intuitive. The equipment is what you would find in a drawing template so it is advisable to see the layout of the elements in a room if you prefer more details on the furniture it would be better to choose one of the apps mentioned above.

Apps to design or remodel the interior of the house:

Design Home [AndroidiOS], has a library of high-quality 3D equipment that is easy to add into a virtual room, find details of interior decoration such as carpets, decorative paintings, sofas created by designers, etc. this possibility of choice allows the interior project to be generated according to your requirements.

Houzz [AndroidiOS], an ideal app so you can create an album of ideas that you can even filter by styles, you can add help memories inside the images to take into account the elements of the decoration that you are interested in, if you want it also facilitates the connection with a designer or architect.

Utilitarian apps for house remodeling and construction:

Photo Measures [AndroidiOS], is an application that allows you to directly measure furniture, walls or construction details from a photo. It is very useful to graphically see the distances and then proceed to make purchases in a home center or to provide them to a contractor.

App for measuring house interiors
App for measuring house interiors

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