Original Bathroom Basin Designs – Get Inspired by New Accessories and Materials

Below we shall see a series of sinks for bathrooms with original designs. When it comes to choosing the one you have to go beyond the shape and color of the sink and that is why here you will find the inspiration you need to buy bathroom accessories needed and build the bathroom you love so much.

Design of Bathroom Basins Inspired by Crystals

Fishbowl glass sink design
Fishbowl glass sink design – A beautiful aquarium is part of the sink design, made entirely of glass (Jessicamullan on Tumblr)


transparent glass washbasin design
Transparent glass washbasin design – A glass cube that seems to float in the bathroom is nothing more than a sink with an exclusive design (Alex-quisite on Tumblr)
Illuminated lavatory design with rolled stone
Illuminated lavatory design with rolled stone – A design of the fresh bathroom, the retro lighting of the lavatories in blue color on pebble stones give a marine air to the design (fidodido66699 on Pinterest)
Lavatory with glass base
Lavatory with glass base – Such a simple lavatory design, however, with the styled glass of the background. The lighting provides an original design (hqroom.ru)

Design of original lavatories are artistic creations

Original bathroom with bicycle base design
Original bathroom with bicycle base design – Whether or not you are an interior designer, if you are a fan of some sport or office design  you can be inspired by these tools to create something new and unique, like this lavatory set on a bicycle where the basket now serves to place towels (Benjamin Bullins)

Following the previous example, we will now see some special lavatory designs. For those of you who love soccer.

Three ball-shaped lavatories design
Three ball-shaped lavatories design – Design of lavatories in the form of soccer ball (babatude.com)
Lavatory design with cup and plate shape
Lavatory design with cup and plate shape – Lavatory design in the shape of a cup, ideal for families who want a home full of fantasy (Tia Colors Design Pinterest)
Washbasin design for transparent bathroom
Washbasin design for transparent bathroom – This sink looks like a classic sand time clock, but it is actually a modern design made of glass where water comes through a pipe from the roof (contemporist.com)
Modern washbasin design
Modern washbasin design – Art should never be lacking and less in the details, as we can see in the design of this lavatory with graphics of the most famous buildings in the world (Audrey Chang Pinterest)
Carved sink design
Carved sink design – A lavatory carved in the form of topographic levels (Design-milk)

Modern Bathroom Sink Designs

White modern washbasin design
White modern washbasin design – A single piece between the sink and the faucet forms this exclusive design that looks like a folded sheet (Eaux Eaux Sink by Joel Roberts)
Modern elongated lavatory design
Modern elongated lavatory design – The plastic is part of the modern designs, here an elongated sink on a wall of dark bathroom tiles (Design: Ludovico Lombardi / seen on: Anialange7 Pinterest)
Modern white lavatory design
Modern white lavatory design – A piece that looks like art between the mirror and the sink, goes very well in contemporary bathrooms (Furnime.com)


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