21+ Bathroom Pendant Lighting Design Ideas

Bathroom pendant lighting design has in leaps and bounds become a welcomed idea in contemporary bathrooms.

master bath with tub and pendant lights with hanging glass

The trick to retaining a luxurious feel while properly lighting a bathroom is to use multiple layers. This beautiful master bath with tub and pendant lights with hanging glass includes perimeter recessed lighting in the ceiling, and pendant lighting with hanging glass over the tub area

Compare to other rooms in the house, lighting a bathroom is often too low on the list of priorities. But with bathrooms increasingly becoming more elaborate and larger, appropriate lighting is essential to maximizing the most of the space.

When we think of pendant lights as the main ceiling lighting fixtures, bathrooms are not one of the rooms that come to mind. But as we will see in this piece, pendant lights for bathroom can be a good lighting option for modern bathroom designs especially those with adequate heights.

Whether you are considering installing a new bathroom in a modern style or you want to invest in some permanent home upgrades, you will want to explore all the options available for up–to–date, modern bathroom lighting. This guide will help you to determine where and how to hang your pendant lights in a contemporary style.Before we proceed, let’s quickly consider what the appropriate height is for hanging a pendant light in the bathroom.

Appropriate Height for Hanging a Pendant Light in the Bathroom

Due to their relatively low ceiling, bathrooms are generally perceived not to be the appropriate room for pendant lights, hence the questions; where is the right location for modern bathroom pendant lighting? What is the proper height for hanging a pendant light in the bathroom? What is the right height of pendant light over bathroom sink? Too often, questions like these come from those considering using pendant lighting in bathroom.

As well as being an essential part of a well–layered lighting scheme, modern bathroom pendant lighting fixtures are a stylish way to include a jewelry–like feature to any bathroom. Having an extra source of light hanging below the ceiling line does not only add a glow that complements the wall–washing light from sconces, it reduces glare and shadows thereby ensuring that the bathroom lives up to its true potential.

Typically, the ceiling of a bathroom needs to be relatively tall to be able to accommodate pendant lights; if not, the two main locations we will be left with would be above the bathtub –usually a freestanding tub, and above the vanity. The best part nowadays is that many pendant lighting fixtures now come in plug–in versions that do not require any technical or electrical expertise to set them up. This however allows anyone to add or install them in a minute, no expertise is required.

Here are some of bathroom pendant lighting ideas to help inspire you in your bathroom pendant lighting placement.

Vanity Lighting

With the traditional tired out vanity bar light in mind, having two or three hanging pendant lights over bathroom vanity is a welcomed change. Stylish and versatile, these lighting fixtures are also a great option for vaulted ceilings since they can help to draw eye down. The damp rated pendant lights deliver plenty of choices, thereby offering the impeccable alternative to provide the proper pendant lighting look for any bathroom.

Over the Bathtub

While it underlines a prominent contemporary bathroom feature, a hanging oversized pendant light over the bathroom tub can create an interesting visual interest. A stand alone lighting fixture, especially one with plenty of geometric lines or texture, would do the job perfectly.

Sensational Lead Up

Master bathrooms with long hallways can avail themselves of the narrow space to showcase some sensational pendant lighting. This is an incredible way to harmonize multiple areas of the bathroom as the same lights used in the bathroom can be used in the entryway or closet.

Utilitarian Lighting

While it is thought that pendant lights are unable to provide the proper illumination required for task lighting, it is all about choosing the right light. For minimal utilitarian lighting, 3000K, 24 watt bulb is recommended. A pendant light of this strength is ideal for hanging over the bathtub or near the bathroom mirror.

Added Ambiance

Adequate task lighting has undoubtedly become imperative in modern bathroom, and light layering system is key to lighting success in any bathroom. Pendant lighting fixtures are a wonderful way to include a bit of ambiance and create added warmth of light in the bathroom, especially when combined with brighter task lighting.

By today’s lighting standards, the traditional single, small lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the bathroom does not cut it anymore. Alternative sources of lighting including pendant and recessed ceiling lighting fixtures, as well as indirect lighting that bounces off the walls and ceiling are now the way to go. For more bathroom pendant lighting design ideas, enjoy the following bathroom pendant lighting design gallery with photos of elegant master bathrooms created by seasoned designers across the world.

Asian Style Master Bathroom with Pendant Lights

No matter how they are chose to be styled, pendant lighting fixtures will always make a statement. In this asian style master bathroom with pendant lights, shiny stainless steel pendants hang over the bathroom vanity help illuminate the space while making a stylish statement

White Bathroom with Pendant Lights

Whether they are hung over the sink or bathtub, pendant lights will surely, nicely brighten any bathroom every time. The hanging chrome gold pendants in this white bathroom with pendant lights do not only brighten the space, but also bring beautiful contrast

Traditional Master Bath with Pendant Lights Limestone Floor Tiles

For an elegant look that allows for an uninterrupted sheet of glass, this traditional master bath with pendant lights limestone floor tiles features three pendants in front of its mirror. As well as lighting up the room, the lights help cast shadow away from the mirror

Rustic Dual Sink Bathroom with Wire Cage Pendant Lights

Instead of sconces, which are most common in traditional bathrooms, this rustic dual sink bathroom with wire cage pendant lights uses classic pendants to brighten up the space. The wire cage of the lights helps accent the rustic texture of the room

Modern Master Bathroom with Luxury Pendant Lights

The designer of this modern master bathroom with luxury pendant lights gives it a big dose of glamor with exposed brick accent wall, a large antique square shaped mirror, a big black wood sink, and two beautiful hanging pendants

Master Bathroom with Nickel Beehive Pendant Lighting

Instead of the standard sconces or bar–style lights, this modern master bathroom with luxury pendant lights uses two pairs of glitzy pendant lights to brighten both the bathtub and the entire space

Master Bathroom with Mini Pendant Lighting

Not only do the cone shaped pendants work beautifully in this master bathroom with mini pendant lighting, they are also a great addition to the vanity area as they offer even cross lighting with minimal glare

Master Bath with Rock Wall and Pendant Lighting

With two mini pendant lights, recessed lights, and the rock wall, the designer puts the finishing touch on this streamlined, spacious master bath with rock wall and pendant lighting. The lighting fixtures provide plenty of light, while rock wall nicely accents the room

Glam Bathroom with Mini Pendant Lights

Leveraging on the lighting fixtures style to balance out the overall look of a room is always an interesting idea. For this glam bathroom with mini pendant lights, the designer carefully chose the pendants to that they help harmonize the overall feel of the bathroom

Contemporary Master Bathroom with Retro Cone Shaped Pendant Lights

In this contemporary master bathroom with retro cone shaped pendant lights, the busy morning routines are exponentially aided. All thanks to the pendant lights with clear glass that always offer more lights towards these routines

Contemporary Master Bath with Pendant Lights

The hanging clear glass pendants at the vanity add a touch of glamour to this contemporary master bath with pendant lights. The glitzy lighting fixtures are a beautiful complement to this overly bright white bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom with Globe Pendant Lights and Tub

For soft and dreamy glow to be sprinkled throughout this contemporary bathroom with globe pendant lights and tub, the designer recommends that crystal glass globe pendants be hung in front of the expanse mirror and over the vanity

Bright City Bathroom with Pendant Lighting

For a futuristic glow from the mirror, this bright city bathroom with pendant lighting skips recessed lights in the vanity area, and instead includes two eye–catching pendants that incorporate indirect lighting over the sink

Bathroom with Mosaic Tile and Brushed Metal Pendant Lights

To create a soft and dreamy glow in this bathroom with mosaic tile and brushed metal pendant lights, two cone shaped pendant lights are included over the bathroom vanity. The fixtures are correctly positioned in front of the large mirror to ensure minimal glare


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