Top 21+ Bedroom Wardrobe Designs Pictures – Choosing the Right Unit

Welcome to our gallery featuring more than 21+ bedroom wardrobe ideas and designs.

tall double bedroom wardrobe

Made from industry–certified stained redwood, this tall double bedroom wardrobe features stylish metallic handles and hinge storage unit. The matching corner unit offers unalloyed versatility as the wardrobe beautifully accents the room bed frame

In time past, bedroom wardrobe ideas normally contain wardrobes with one door that only require just opening and closing. They made a wonderful addition to traditional homes and were quite desirable during our parents’ time. Back then, wardrobes were designed only to hold cloths and keep them safe.

Surprisingly, wardrobes are now making a comeback into modern home designs. But the current technology and knowledge advancement means that things have changed from the past, and modern wardrobe designs for bedroom now serve multiple functions. They come with abundant space for clothing, books, shoes and other valuables. Today, there are wardrobe designs ideas with lots of multifunctional wardrobes. This article is created to guide you in choosing wardrobes that suit your lifestyle.

Wardrobes are not just an incredible addition to modern bedrooms, they are one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the house. In fact, many cultures around the globe regard wardrobes as something of a family heirloom, and making or buying one is as important as living in the household itself. Decades ago, because of their importance, these pieces of furniture were not something to procure off the shelf. Talented craftsman would usually build something bespoke and perfectly suited to your requirements, using the most valuable wood.

With today’s changing times and technology advancement, both the material for making them and the buying process had changed. Today, you can simply get a wardrobe that nicely meets your requirements from a local or online decor shop that deals in master bedroom wardrobe designs or alternative wardrobe closet plans.

Here are a couple of guides to help you choose appropriate wardrobes for your family.

The Size of the Bedroom and Wardrobe

The first element to consider when choosing a wardrobe for your home is the size of the bedroom it will be placed. You will want to choose a piece that will allow you the requisite moving space in the room after placing it. Remember, bedrooms, unlike the dining and the living rooms, can be smaller in size, therefore you would want to be quite careful especially with the space the wardrobe takes.

As well as the wall wardrobe design, the modern walk in wardrobe designs for bedroom today allow for abundant moving space in the room. Likewise, there are bedroom cupboard designs small space and wardrobe designs for small bedroom that will nicely fit into your bedroom design. All you need is to take some time to find a unit of your choice.

The Material of the Wardrobe

Another important feature to consider when choosing a wardrobe for your home is the material used for the unit. When it comes to making a decision on what kind of wardrobe unit you would require in your bedroom, material used is an essential aspect to look into. The most common materials for wardrobe cupboard on the market today include wood, iron, and steel.

Usually, experts will recommend wardrobes made from high quality, industry–certified raw materials, but the advancement in technology and human knowledge today now allows artisans to make wonderful wardrobes using our everyday material –plastic. This material is now being used to make cheaper wardrobes, usually for the kids, and those who are often after economic décor options.

The Theme of the Wardrobe

As the size and raw material of the wardrobe are important, so also is the theme of the unit you are buying. This is essential just so that it is ideal that every furniture piece in the room blends nicely with the décor. Contemporary homes are designed in a way that each element in the house either nicely accents or beautifully contrast one another. Therefore, if you already have a décor idea in mind, you would want to choose your wardrobe such that the theme either contrasts or blends awesomely with the room design.

The Security of the Wardrobe

Also you need to consider the security of your valuables in the unit. Many wardrobes nowadays double as safe and storage systems. Some come with an inbuilt strongbox, and others allow you to install one. Many luxury wardrobes include strongboxes with cutting edge, modern security features such as cameras, digital security systems, and the like. Generally, a good wardrobe should not only store your apparels and valuables, but keep them safe.

These are a couple few tips to consider when choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom. As they are relatively available in your local décor store, manufacturers and retailers alike now offer them online as well. However, the bedroom wardrobe ideas gallery below with a couple of bedroom wardrobe design catalog has been created to provide useful information on modern bedroom wardrobe ideas, bedroom wardrobe organizers, and varieties of other kinds of wardrobe cupboard designs and storage systems.

Bedroom Wardrobe with Legs

This beautiful and versatile bedroom wardrobe with legs is an evidence of twenty first century craftsmanship. The cute legs and stylish handles make it the ideal unit for a youngster’s bedroom

Wood Stained Wardrobe in Bedroom

The wood stained wardrobe in bedroom comes with a tiny vertical groove that runs along the length of its doors. The groove, together with the pairs of drawers beneath the doors, characterizes the unit

White Wardrobe in Bedroom

The white wardrobe in bedroom nicely blends with the color and texture of the room. It comes with a unique door design which has a slimline perimetral profile and an integrated smart handle in a black finish

White Bedroom Wardrobe with Glass Shelves

The white bedroom wardrobe with glass shelves comes with integral profile handles for its doors and a pair of unique silver handles for the each drawer. The glass of the shelves is in lacquered glass

Rustic Wood Wardrobe

Made from light hardwood, this rustic wood wardrobe includes an internal storage unit with shelving and a slimline cupboard. In this photo, the wardrobe has four doors, but it is also available in larger and smaller sizes

Luxury Bedroom with Beautiful White Wardrobe

This luxury bedroom with beautiful white wardrobe features exotic bed frame and ottoman with matching white wardrobe. With fancy metallic handle, the wardrobe texture and hue beautifully contrasts the walls of the room

Large Wood Wardrobe in Bedroom

With its beautiful design, and matching handles, this large wood wardrobe in bedroom makes a great addition in this space. It unit includes slimline cupboards with fancy metallic handles that blends perfectly with the legs

Large Wood Wardrobe for Bedroom

Carved from dark cherry wood, this large wood wardrobe for bedroom provides an interesting contrast to the otherwise bright room. It features silver handles on both the storage and cupboards doors

Huge Wood Wardrobe

Measured exactly to precisely fit into this space, this huge wood wardrobe is a completely versatile piece of architectural unit designed by a talented artisan. With flexible built–in storage units, it is sure to contain as many items as possible

Distressed Wood Wardrobe

With matching bedroom headboard and flooring, this distressed wood wardrobe brings stability and character into this bedroom. The wardrobe features slimeline cupboard with black metallic handles, and standard storage unit

Decorative Wood Wardrobe in Bedroom

Made using high quality materials, this decorative wood wardrobe in bedroom is the perfect unit for those on a budget. It comes with an engraved finish and it is available in relatively varieties of color.

Decorative Gold Inlay and Cream Painted Wardrobe

The decorative gold inlay and cream painted wardrobe comes with several handles and in varied width and heights. The unit in this photo is precisely customized in width and height just so it fits in perfectly into this space

Custom Wood Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe

This custom wood fitted bedroom wardrobe is part of a collection of a top designer whose focus is the use of high quality materials. The unit is quite versatile and offers great flexibility of use

Black Modern Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe

This flexible black modern fitted bedroom wardrobe can easily be adapted to incorporate not just a mini modern bedroom closet, but also many other storage requirements as well. The unit’s individual elements are meticulously combined together to maximize the space available

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