+25 Teal Bedroom Ideas (Photo Gallery) – Colors, Options and More

If color teal has always aroused your interest and desire, but the waves of panic you felt each time you have thought about incorporating it into the design of your home has been the challenge, then these teal bedroom ideas and design tips are yours to read through.

beautiful teal bedroom with princess bed curtain and tray ceiling

This beautiful teal bedroom with princess bed curtain and tray ceiling hangs a white pleated princess bed curtain hangs over a teal upholstered headboard with matching throw pillows and bedsheet. The teal and silver tray ceiling holds the hanging lamp chandelier that gives the room refinement and luxury

It is true that teal may not necessarily be one of the comfortable go–to colors that come to mind when considering a color palette for bedroom, but it is one of the more soothing and calming colors on the spectrum suitable for any bedroom space. From an all out teal color palette to a more toned down color scheme, we have created some teal bedroom design ideas tips to help you style your room just the way you have always imagined it to be.

The Painting Options

When decorating a room with the color teal, there are three major options available including;

Paint the walls in color teal – a typical approach to a teal bedroom design is to paint all the walls of the bedroom in the color teal of your choice to create a teal canvas of a bedroom. This mono–colored wall bedroom can be accentuated by other colorful bedroom accessories such as the throw pillows, bed frame, bedding, lampshades, and wall arts to help bring warmth and calmness into the space.

Create a feature wall – some people are not just cool with a one–color–wall bedroom idea as they usually find such idea a bit overwhelming. A feature wall, which is a toned down alternative to mono–colored wall, is that one wall in your room painted in teal – usually the one against the headboard. While the other walls can be in a neutral color palette such as light grey, cream, white, or off white, the one teal feature wall will help set the color scheme and become a focal piece of the room.

Use teal décor pieces – a more toned down alternative would be to have all of the walls of the bedroom painted in a neutral color like white, light grey or cream to create a blank canvas of a bedroom. This way, the room can be painted teal through decorative pieces such as bedding, pillows, throw pillows, and wall arts.

Take Out Other Colors

To style up a bedroom in the color teal means that all other colors in the room are nicely taken out or dominated by the color teal of your choice. Having a red art piece, or purple pillow can actually take away from the color teal scheme. You want teal color palette to dominate the color scheme of your bedroom, this would mean taking out other pieces.

Blend With Other Colors

However, a good color combination can always be incorporated into the mix. But it must be focused and purposeful. Some great teal color combinations bring about awesome teal bedroom design ideas including modern purple and teal bedroom ideas, teal and grey bedroom ideas, teal and white bedroom ideas, teal and black bedroom ideas, dark teal bedroom design, teal and grey bedroom walls ideas, teal bedroom walls painting ideas, as well as gray and teal living room ideas. Once again, if a certain color –say grey, is chosen along with teal scheme, you may have to get rid of or soften other colors decorating the space, just so you are able to create a strong color palette.

The Focal Points

The bed area is usually the focal point of any bedroom since it takes up the most space, and it is the area that calls the most attention. Color teal is best incorporated here through the pillows and the bedding. Other ways of bringing teal to this area of the room is through a teal ottoman, teal colored bedside lamps, teal upholstered headboard, or having an area rug in teal color beneath the bed.

For a more toned down look, teal colored pieces can be mixed with neutral colored pieces. For instance, neutral colored bedding can be used on a teal colored upholstered headboard.

Decorate With Curtains

Curtains are another items of the bedroom that often take up the large part of the visual space. Whether your walls are teal colored or neutral colored, there are teal colored curtains to complement them and help add color to the space. For a small bedroom space, it is advisable to use teal colored curtains that blend well with the paint color as this can help make the room feel wider. However, for a bigger bedroom, a dark and more contrasting curtain color will be suitable.

For more interesting and contemporary teal bedroom ideas, check out the teal bedroom ideas photo gallery below.

Tropical Cottage Bedroom with Teal Color Ceiling and Teal Bed Frame

The eye–catching elements of this tropical cottage bedroom with teal color ceiling and teal bed frame are its sloping teal colored plank ceiling and white plank walls. The purple arabesque patterned throw rug at the foot of the bed and the red–orange floral, pinstriped bedsheets nicely contrast the overall hue of the space

Tropical Bedroom with Blue Painted Walls with Wave Art Design

This bright, tropical bedroom with blue painted walls with wave art design has simple furniture with its steel framed bed, maple wood drawers, off–white carpet, and white double hung windows. The wave art design walls that perfectly match with the bedsheets and pillows is the room’s most unique element

Traditional Bedroom with Teal Painted Walls Wood Flooring and White Molding

This traditional bedroom with teal painted walls wood flooring and white molding features a classic wrought iron and heavy wood bed frame, warm hardwood flooring, white plantation shutter windows, and pyramidal lampshades and floor lamp. Modern elements such as the ceiling fan and the bronze tree sculpture above the bed are used to make the room a bit modern

Teal Sleigh Bed and Dressers

The main center points of this contemporary style bedroom are the teal–colored furniture with the teal sleigh bed and dressers in the same shade. The other teal furniture include the side tables and consol, as well as the stylish and functional six–drawer desk that comes with non–removable drawers

Teal Painted Room with High Ceiling and Chandelier

This teal painted room with high ceiling and chandelier unique modern colors mixed furniture in a classic profile gives it a classic contemporary feel. The teal and silver artwork above the headboard provides an interesting focal point

Teal Bedroom with Accent Wall Sitting Area Furniture and Balcony

This teal bedroom with accent wall sitting area furniture and balcony looks beautiful and inviting. The large abstract accent wall that blends a blue, white, and green color pattern makes a big impression

Teal Bedroom Comforter Set Romeo and Juliet Nine Pieces

With its with its pleated flanges, embellished pillow shams and decorative pillows, this teal bedroom comforter set romeo and juliet 9 pieces brings a touch of elegance to the room. The bedroom’s intricately detailed bedside tables and emerald backwall matched pleasantly with the lampshades

Teal Bedroom Comforter Set Germain Seven Reversible Bed Set

With its stand–out patterns and bold hues, the teal bedroom comforter set germain 7 reversible bed set brings a pop of color to the bedroom. From the comforter and shams, to the decorative pillows and a bed skirt, the germain 7 reversible set comes in colorful teal hue that fits well into this bedroom’s style

Teal Bedroom Bench Millersburg Upholstered Fabric

With a matching teal bedroom bench millersburg upholstered fabric at its foot, this stylish bed frame features an upholstery with chic nail head trim along its backrest and base to give the room a softer touch. The bench with its slender tapering legs is carved from solid wood and wood veneer

Teal and White Striped Wall Bedroom Design with Four Post Bed

This teal and white striped wall bedroom design with four post bed looks comfortable enough for children to live and play in. The four poster bed is in plain white with sheer curtains and matching colorful green and pink pillows and bed sheets

Luxury Teal Master Bedroom with Tray Ceiling Wood Floors and Area Rug

This luxury teal master bedroom with tray ceiling wood floors and area rug exhume a contemporary chic feel; thanks to its subdued teal hues. The teal back wall provides a great accent to the white tray ceiling and white walls of the room

Cottage Style Bedroom with White and Blue Theme with Curved Decorative Windows and Plantation Shutters

This cottage style bedroom with white and blue theme with curved decorative windows and plantation shutters obtains its cottage style feel from the curved windows and plantation shutters on both sides of the matching white headboard

Contemporary Teal Bedroom with Fabric Walls Modern High Post Bed and Tray Ceiling

The teal work chair and drapes give this minimalist contemporary teal bedroom with fabric walls modern high post bed and tray ceiling important pops of color. The teal padded back wall, and patterned white and teal carpet add to the quirkiness of the space

Contemporary Bedroom Teal Walls Mirror Dressers Wood Flooring and Shag Drum Pendant Lights

The subdued shade of teal in this contemporary bedroom teal walls mirror dressers wood flooring and shag drum pendant lights is enhanced by the heavy brown, grey, and beige accents in the room. The light grey throw rug that matches well with the upholstered bench gives color to the dark hardwood plank flooring

Bedroom with Teal Walls Chandelier and Green Carpet

This modern style bedroom with teal walls chandelier and green carpet combines emerald and teal color to create a fancy space. It surrounds a small wooden coffee table on one side of the bed with gold framed, white upholstered royalty chairs

Bedroom with Striped Teal Walls with Circular Designs

Decked in polka dots and pinstripes, the walls of this bedroom with striped teal walls with circular designs blend well with the flowery paisley design of the bedsheets. The white and brown tones of the bedsheets and around the bedroom help tone down the bright teal walls

Bedroom with Roll Up Door Teal Accent Wall Balcony and City Views

The sleek black wood bedframe and bedside tables in this bedroom with roll up door teal accent wall balcony and city views goes well with the polished silver and white lampshades. The splash of teal on the back wall gives the room a sassy touch of color

Bedroom with Ocean Wall Art Teal Bed Covers and White Plantation Shutters

The muted tone of the throw pillows and bedsheets gives this beautiful bedroom with ocean wall art teal bed covers and white plantation shutters its teal accents. The matching light wood bench at the foot of the bed goes well with the burnt umber carpet to further emphasize the beach vibe of the room

Beautiful Teal Color Bedroom with Chaise Lounge Bed Seat and Silver Mirrored Four Post Bed

This beautiful teal color bedroom with chaise lounge bed seat and silver mirrored four post bed has an impeccable color combination; from the polished silver color used for the bedframe and lamp shade base, to the teal used for the chaise lounge seat, headboard, and bedsheets. Other elements, including the dark wood elements on the chaise lounge seat frame and sidetables, add to the elegance feel of the room

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