21+ Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas (Paired with Modern Design Features)

Whether it is a traditional, modern or contemporary bathroom, black and white bathroom design can help accentuate any bathroom space.

luxury black white bathroom large rainfall shower

This design works perfectly within the unusual space to create a utilitarian bathroom which combines modern technology with industrial chic. The luxury black white bathroom large rainfall shower fits nicely into what otherwise would have been an awkward corner

Notwithstanding the design styling, this color combination will always make sense in any bathroom as it can disguise features of any bathroom design. Generally, white color connotes purity and cleanliness, while black is that color which does not only define character, but also usurps the monotonous characteristics of any white space.

The following vintage black and white bathroom ideas are put together to help you in your quest of finding that perfect bathroom styling for your home.

Black and White Color Combination

Black and white is usually a perfect color combination. Since white reflects, and black absorbs, the combination makes an impressive option in creating an extraordinary impact in any space. The combination works nicely in a functional space, such as a kitchen or a bathroom where clean lines and bold angles tend to dominate. Like the black and white traditional bathroom ideas, a monochrome bathroom styling that gives a luxury bathroom feel is easily achieved in contemporary bathrooms; thanks to the black and white bathroom wall décor, and black and white bathroom accessories.

To create a contemporary black and white bathroom design, or a classic black and white bathroom, top designers often combine stark white bathroom fixtures with striking black wallpapers. If the bathroom space is a bit small, then there is no need to make an overboard statement. A simple combination of striking white bathroom cabinets, crisp white ceiling and vanity, black patterned wallpaper, as well as black and white bathroom tiles in a small bathroom can do the magic.

As well as providing beautiful contrast, black and white in a bathroom space is always a great color choice which allows you to stamp your personality on the space easily as you make your bathroom something new and completely different.

Black and White Paired with Modern Design Features

Paired nicely with modern features, a black and white bathroom can simply be adapted to suit any bathroom design ideas. Elegant surfaces, sleek lines and open spaces are all complementary to a bathroom design with this versatile color combination. Vessel sink is one fixture that can make a great addition in any bathroom space. Whether a black vessel sink paired with a white vanity, or white porcelain with a black vanity, you can never go wrong with vessel sinks.

In the same vein, as with any other bathroom design, natural stones play a very essential role in bathrooms with black and white color combination. Whether it is white granite or black marble, you can be rest assured to have an interesting color contrast for your design.

Black Accent Walls

It is not surprising that not everyone would want to go entirely black and white with their bathroom space. Should you want to stick to your guns on a color, rather than the exclusive blend of two, then an accent wall is the way to go. It is not uncommon with many homeowners not be actually be comfortable with the idea of all black or white walls. If you are not really cool with such décor idea, you can create a simple accent wall with black color while furnishing the space with white fixtures such as white vanity counters, cabinets, and flooring. Antique furniture pieces with dark wood surfaces are another way to accent the space without going overboard on black.

Wall Arts

Colorful wall arts are an effective way of shifting the attention of a bathroom design with black and white feel away from the contrasting colors. Bold and bright colors are really handy when it comes to focusing some of the attention away from the meeting point of the two contrasting colors. White and black photos are an impressive way to not only bring the design together, but create a lovely transition between the two colors.


The contrasting capability of wainscoting in the bathroom is second to none. From simple beadboards, through beaded recessed panels, and shaker panels, to complex beaded raised panels, a white wainscoting and a black wall go together like carrots and peas. This can as well be reversed —a white wall with a black wainscoting, to create a beautiful bathroom design that is as appealing to the eyes as it is in the black and white bathroom ideas photos. You may also want to throw in white granite, black marble or a pepper and salt blend of both for a terrific bathroom space.

Whatever styling you prefer, black and white is such a beautiful combination that you are certain to make an impact with. If you fancy the idea of a black and white bathroom design but in a more different styling ideal, the following black and white bathroom design gallery will inspire you.

Black Bathroom White Sinks Bathtub

This sleek black bathroom white sinks bathtub combines function and form into a relaxing wet space. The excellent use of space and the simple clean lines of the porcelain sinks and bathtub add to elegance feel of the room

White Black Themed Bathroom Tiles

This rich bathroom design is an impressive home décor idea for small space. Combined with the black accent wall, the white black themed bathroom tiles bring a sense of openness and brightness to the space

White Black Modern Bathroom Piano Keys Design

Space does not really have a place in this white black modern bathroom piano keys design, but the striking black granite flooring and white and black piano keys design around the sink and the shower give this room an excellent edge

White Black Bathroom Red Sink Cabinet

Black walls and a white accent wall give this clean bathroom a sense of the tranquility. The room is heightened by the white black bathroom red sink cabinet and the mosaic tiled flooring

White Black Bathroom Luxury Bath

This is a clean and bright bathroom design for a home with nature views, and wall–to–wall window. The strategically placed white black bathroom luxury bath fits nicely into the room without taking up much space

Modern Black White Bathroom Neon Blue Lights

The modern black white bathroom neon blue lights enhance an ocean view illusion, while the black checkered mosaic floor tiles and clean line porcelain tub are a perfect color combination for a beach side home design

Modern Black White Bathroom Design

This modern black white bathroom design is ideal for both avid DIYers and lovers of class. The utilitarian design of the vanity and tub, as well as the crisp white walls complements the riot of black which is the room’s centerpiece

Modern Bathroom Black White Purple Vessel Sink

This bathroom design with modern bathroom black white purple vessel sink uses its narrow space in a clever way. The stark white tiled flooring opens up the space, while the oval sink and slab offer enough storage

Luxury Marble Bathroom Black White

This luxury marble bathroom black white combines whimsy with utilitarian style, using a black accent wall in the shower area, and under–cabinet lighting to brighten the space. The marbled walls and floors enhance the utilitarian feel of the room without going overboard

Black White Walled Bathroom Gold Accents

A luxury bathroom design is possible, even with limited living space. The rich color scheme of black with gold accents gives the black white walled bathroom gold accents its unmistakable Hollywood glamour and makes it seem larger

Black White Style Bathroom Overlooking Garden Area

Nothing the lovers of nature will fancy like this black white style bathroom overlooking garden area. Resisting the grass, ferns, and flowers that bring a relaxing and fresh feel to the space will be difficult for the outdoors types

Black White Modern Bathroom Checker Style

This black white modern bathroom checker style evidences the fact that conventional bathrooms are more than “just for convenience”. They are luxurious personal living spaces where one can pull up a chair by the fireplace, soak in nature, or even relax with a glass of wine

Black White Bathroom Stripes Checker Pattern

This clean black white bathroom stripes checker pattern brings together black and white color in varied patterns to create a dream design. The tiled flooring in checkered pattern of black and white is the focal point of the room

black white bathroom gold finishes

The black coral wall tiles, black granite cabinet, as well as gold finishes of the faucets and bathtub tap, all work together in this black white bathroom gold finishes to create a sleek modern bathroom design that would fit right in at any luxury apartment

Black Tile Bathroom White Shower Bath Sink

This rich black tile bathroom white shower bath sink with clean lines is a precise example of how a vivid black and white theme can tie a whole space together. The stand–alone shower, and white bathtub nicely offset the black lower wall tiles


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