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Modern Wooden Terrace – City Style Design

In this article, we shall see the design of a modern terrace built from wood. You will know all the architectural elements and building materials that you need in order to make your own place dedicated to rest and/or relaxation. At the end of the article, you will be able to do the interior design

10 Terrace Design Ideas – Build a Space to Relax in Your Home

It is important to have an interior or exterior space from your house that serves exclusively to relax, meditate or simply to read a good book. To achieve this, we need that space to have a proper construction and decorated accordingly.  Below are some alternatives so you can choose the styles that suit your tastes

+25 Golf Backyard Putting Green Ideas

Welcome to our gallery featuring +25 golf backyard putting green ideas. The many cacti and palm tree species in the backyard of this large backyard putting green next to patio makes it somewhat evident that the layout design is set in a relatively dry and arid environment. But the passions of a true golfer cannot