Original Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

In this article you will find great ideas on how to design a bathroom. We’ve made a list of some of them that you can use as a starting point for the bathroom you’re looking for. Let’s begin: Interior decoration of an original bathroom

Modern Bathroom Design Gallery That Will Inspire You

Below you will find modern bathroom designs that you can use to decorate or reshape your home bathroom. This goes beyond the choice of tiles, furniture and sanitary wave. Discover the elements necessary to achieve a modern and exclusive effect. Bathroom Decoration with Furniture,

Original and Exclusive Bathroom Designs and Ideas

Today we shall review several bathroom designs to know how to combine colors, furniture, ornaments and ceramic material to get the desired effect. Modern bathroom that combines purple color and black furniture   Bathroom decoration that combines the rustic and modern that includes ornaments

Modern Bathroom Toilets Design and Ideas

Below you will learn how to design small bathrooms and also how to choose the colors and shapes of the ceramics, and the location to place the sanitary ware. These photos will provide ideas to complement the construction or remodeling of a functional and

Design Ideas for Minimalist Bathroom (Photo Gallery)

In this article, you will find out how to properly choose ceramics, sanitary ware, and decorative elements to achieve a minimalist and functional bathroom. Bathrooms designed in harmony with all the construction materials, finishes, and types of equipment: Ideas to build a minimalist bathroom

10 Bedroom Decorations that Will Inspire You

Thinking about decorating your bedroom, but you find yourself with the same ideas as always? We will review designs of photographers and designers to extract some details to get the desired effect. Bedroom designs displayed by artists A beautiful chandelier that seems to be

Small Duplex Apartment Plan – Discover Harmony in Simplicity

Design of a small three-bedroom duplex apartment with minimalist interior decoration. Discover how to achieve harmony and warmth with simple and economical materials. See the 3XA approach. Minimalist and Harmonious Interior Design Apartment View of the dining room and kitchenette – Design: 3XA |